Hybrid fireplace water + electricity | Water vapor and light flames


The hybrid fireplace with water vapor and light flames is definitely the eco-friendly and high-tech fireplace of our time. Its cold flames are completely safe and offer a new alternative to traditional fireplaces. It allows families with children, sensitive persons and establishments open to the public to be able to equip themselves with a fire space without any risk. Furthermore, the hybrid fireplace is eco-friendly and economical as it uses only water and LED light.

What is a hybrid fireplace?

A hybrid fireplace is a device that uses several energy sources. Water and electricity hybrid fireplaces create realistic flames by combining water vapor and LED light. Technically, the device creates ultra-fine vapor by cavitation with ultrasound (or mist maker). This mist is illuminated from below with LED light. Unlike all others, these flames do not pollute and are not dangerous to health. These are cold flame fireplaces that guarantee perfect safety and ease of use.

Hybrid Fireplaces
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Advantages of hybrid fireplaces?


100% safety

Although fire is fascinating, it can also be dangerous. With water vapor electric fireplaces, flames are cold and therefore 100% safe. Furthermore, AFIRE units are equipped with UVC lamps to disinfect the vapor (air and water – AFIRE patent) and prevent germs, viruses and bacteria from spreading into the surrounding air.

Ecologically responsible and economical fireplace

The advantage of a water fireplace is that it does not use fossil fuels. It works with very little electricity (about 100 watts for a 1 meter long insert) and tap water. It is therefore an ecologically responsible fireplace. The price of a hybrid electric water vapor fireplace is between US$ 1200 (€ 1000) and US$ 4,800 (€ 4000) (or more for very long inserts). But it should be pointed out that this water fireplace is particularly economical to use (no fuel).

Modernity and simplicity

The hybrid water-electricity fireplace is the ultimate modern, high-tech fireplace. It is controlled by a simple push of a button (remote control, buttons on the device, smartphone app, etc.). It can be connected to a water supply system and can be filled by a built-in or manual pump. Thanks to its ease of use and its “plug and play” mode, it fits perfectly into today’s lifestyle.

Who is a hybrid fireplace for?

One of the most attractive features of water vapor hybrid fireplaces is that they can be installed anywhere. There is no installation or security constraints. Indeed, real cold flame inserts offer very realistic and safe fire effects. Water vapor fireplaces are becoming one of the most interesting decorative elements for fireplace professionals, designers, architects, carpenters and interior decorators.
These designers are now able to offer gorgeous fireplaces for hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, coffee-shops, clubs, etc) as well as for all establishments open to the public.
Furthermore, the water vapor electric fireplace with its real natural flames is the wisest choice for families with children or sensitive persons. This fireplace can also be used in apartments and townhouses that have to comply with strict safety standards. But it is also the ideal fireplace for passive houses or low-consumption buildings.

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