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100% secure 3D fireplaces: have you ever seen water that burns?

The first time you witness an AFIRE ™ 3D electric water vapor fireplace or steam fireplace, you really can’t believe your eyes. It’s incredible: the flames are cold yet seem perfectly real. You can even adjust their speeds, heights and colors. They’re made up of very fine plumes of water vapor lit by LEDs. You can touch them and run your fingers through them. You can even adjust the color with your remote control or smartphone (AFIRE ™ PRESTIGE built-in water vapor fireplace) to create colorful flames that are red, blue, green, etc. It’s child’s play! Go ahead and press the remote control of your steam fireplace. These ecological and environmentally friendly flames are magical and don’t create any humidity or condensation!

Unlike any other, AFIRE ™ 3D water vapor fireplaces have colorful cold flames that are cool to the touch.
Warn children of the danger of hot flames!

3D water vapor electric fireplace inserts range AFIRE

AFIRE Eco-friendly water vapor fireplaces ranges
3D Electric Steam Fireplace Inserts

Ultrafine cold flames water vapor fireplace with no danger or constraints

The 3D fireplace presents no danger so there’s no need to worry. An AFIRE ™ cold and dry vapor fireplace can be installed anywhere, either in a city apartment or a country house; there’s absolutely no constraints. The ultrafine dry smoke produces spectacular water vapor fire!
For places open to the public or the hospitality sector, where hot flames may pose a problem, the AFIRE ™ built-in steam fireplace with real cold flames provides new opportunities for interior designers. You can imagine installing a water vapor fireplace anywhere. This is the perfect contemporary modern fireplace to put in a bedroom or hotel lobby, restaurant, a trendy bar or a fashionable club. These cold flame inserts can also be installed in a fitness gym or spa, in a window or storefront, etc. They attract the eye, giving life to spaces, creating a sensation of destressing well-being. The installation possibilities are endless.

Water vapor fireplace AFIRE

Ventless fireplace

Simple installation with no ventilation grate.
Eco-friendly fireplace that does not create any water condensation.

Runs on water

Fill the tank with tap water
No need to buy fuel
Water + electricity hybrid fireplace


Cold water vapor flames
No burning gas
Devices run on 24V (100-240V | 50-60 Hz transformer)
Provided with the connector depending on your country

Norms and patents

Products comply with safety standards: CE (Europe), FCC (USA), IC (Canada).
Patents pending

Natural and colored cold flames fireplace – Selection of color choices

Water vapor fireplace natural flames

Natural color flames

Blue flames water vapor fireplace insert

Green, blue, red flames (15 different colors) + play of lights

Colorful and natural flames electric fireplace

Blend of natural and colored flames
+ play of lights.

Water vapor electric fireplace green flames

Connected Smart fireplace inserts running on water vapor with high-tech controls

App smartphone water vapor fireplace insert

Smart controls

App Smartphone – API
Dry contact for home automation
Remote control
On/off button

Google Play - Apple Store
Remote control water vapor fireplace insert Premium


Water Vapor Fireplace Inserts with Germicidal UVC Lamps – Virucidal & Bactericidal

All our water vapor fireplace models are now equipped with UVC Lamps that protect and disinfect our air and water tanks, as well as the water vapor produced (patented). Ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation inactivates and kills viruses (coronavirus and others), bacteria, spores, microorganisms, and pathogens while the unit is in use. The UVC Lamps are installed in the air and water tanks and therefore not visible to the naked eye. We can now really talk about a 3D pure water vapor fireplace that gets rid of up to 99.99% of dangerous germs.

Water vapor electric fireplaces with germicidal UVC Lamps
UVC lamps viricidal and bactericidal AFIRE

Wikipedia: Sterilization by ultraviolet radiation is a sterilization method that relies on the sensitivity of microorganisms to exposure to short-wavelength ultraviolet light. This method is used in research laboratories to prepare sterile work surfaces, for food preservation, and for air and water purification. UV light has been known for its mutagenic properties since the beginning of the 20th century and Niels Finsen’s Nobel Prize for Medicine.


Ecological steam fireplace that runs on tap water


Dry vapor fireplace with cold flames and adjustable colors


No constraints!!! No emission of combustion gas and no heat


3D effect fireplace with highly realistic flames

Stylish water vapor fireplace – an innovation for contemporary interior decoration

Without the traditional constraints of fire, the design of a 3D decorative electric fireplace is completely free. You can imagine creating a ventless fireplace that’s completely different from anything that exists currently.
Television and water vapor fireplace. 3D effect water vapor insert set into a wall or shelf, counter, or table with a built-in 3D insert. Wall water vapor electric fireplace. Integrated or moveable. The only limits to install a water vapor cassette or insert are in the imagination of the interior designer or architect.

Water vapor fireplace cold flames adjustable colors

Why choose a smart eco-friendly electric fireplace insert running on water vapor?

Wi-Fi connected smart fireplace inserts can adapt to the modern needs of decoration, removing all constraints for users. They’re easy to install (without ducts or ventilation grates) and easy to use. Steam fireplace inserts use high-tech controls (button, remote control, smartphone app, Wi-Fi, etc.). They can also be connected to any smart-home system (API).
Also, they use ecological ‘fire” that runs on tap water. The operational cost is negligible and what’s more, it requires no maintenance. Water + electricity hybrid fireplace inserts produce no dangerous gas, but only ultrafine cold water vapor. They are therefore much more functional and can be used any day of the year, even if it’s hot. This is a revolutionary product resulting from eco-technology and the AFIRE ™ research teams (registered trademark, patented designs and models).

AFIRE Collections
Water vapor electric fireplaces and inserts

ADVANCE water vapor fireplace inserts range


Indoor built-in inserts
Water vapor fireplaces with orange natural cold flames

Water vapor electric fireplace inserts collection


Indoor built-in inserts
Water vapor fireplaces with orange natural cold flames
+ 30 adjustable colors and play of light
+ Option of connection to the water network or manual filling
+ Automatic drain pump
+ App

A clear, detailed offer provided within 24 hours



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