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Fireplace for hotel, restaurant, bar, club and urban shops make any public space look spectacular. Hospitality fireplaces illuminate and give life to the decor. However, two essential criteria must be taken into account for spaces open to the public: absolute safety, and ease of use. AFIRE cold flame electric water vapor fireplaces combine both these qualities and create an extraordinary atmosphere in public spaces. The fire of changing lights draws the eye to the space within, and the water vapor fireplace insert is certainly the most beautiful and captivating decoration for commercial spaces and the hospitality sector.

The hospitality fireplace require absolute safety

When installing a fireplace in a hotel, restaurant, bar, club, shop, or any space open to the public, safety must be total. In almost all towns, buildings, and public places, the use of “fireplaces which present a fire hazard for any reason whatsoever” is forbidden. This ban on installation and use is enacted by the administration and regulators.
Water vapor fireplace inserts with perfectly real cold flames cannot cause fires, burns, or dangers of any kind. They are 100% safe and can be installed anywhere, particularly in all space open to the public without any authorization. They are a fireplace for restaurants, hotels, and all shops and public spaces.
It should also be added that the AFIRE water vapor electric fireplace does not emit any dangerous combustion gases, unlike all wood or gas fireplaces. The water and air tanks are also disinfected by a system of UVC lamps (AFIRE patents). The water vapor flames are pure, free from germs, viruses, or bacteria.


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Fireplace for restaurant, bar, club and club-house


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Decor reflects the brand image of a hotel, restaurant, bar, club-house, shop, or public space. It is a crucial element in the customer experience during their visit. The 3D water vapor fireplace insert is an extraordinary fire tool for enhancing the decor of public establishments. Fire gives life, creating a unique atmosphere in an original and personalized arrangement

Designers, architects, interior decorators and builders are the chief drivers of demand for decor who increasingly use 3D decorative fireplaces. Indeed, a water vapor insert can be installed anywhere. One can imagine a hotel fireplace at reception, a hotel fireplace in the rooms, or at the bar. A fireplace for restaurants, pubs, and places of relaxation or conviviality. Maybe a water vapor insert to attract the eye of passers-by in front of shops and windows. It is possible to design decorative water vapor fireplaces for public spaces, for performance halls, etc. There are no more limits… Rethink the fire!!!
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