Eco-friendly fireplace

Eco-friendly fireplace, environmentally sustainable inserts & fireplaces


What is an eco-friendly fireplace? For AFIRE, an ecological fireplace is an environmentally friendly insert that runs on renewable energy and that can be used every day. It is also a non-polluting fireplace that promotes energy savings and sustainable development.
Sustainability is not a punishment but a reflection on the environmental concerns of our vision, which incorporates both nature and technological progress. It is an opportunity to reinvent the world and its objects in a more modern way by combining sustainable development with user enjoyment. Yes, sustainability is a source of enjoyment and well-being!

Ecological fireplace

Fireplaces of ecological transition and sustainable development

We will have to get rid of fossil fuel fireplaces and open wood fireplaces. The combustion of these products emits fine particles and noxious gases. These emissions impact negatively on the environment and on our health. Moreover, public authorities and many municipalities have decided to introduce regulations for these devices or to simply prohibit them.
However, there are eco-responsible ecological fireplaces. These are the electric fireplaces with in particular water vapor fireplace inserts (with real flames) and fireplaces with a bio ethanol burner. They do not pollute and use green energy. These ecological transition fireplaces make it possible to preserve the beauty of the flames in the urban space and to give life to our interiors.

Eco friendly fireplace AFIRE
Eco-friendly water vapor fireplace

Eco-friendly water vapor fireplace

The water vapor fireplace is the most innovative example of an eco-friendly fireplace. It is an environmentally sustainable concept that uses cold water vapor and is thus 100% safe (for families, public spaces, etc.). Furthermore, unlike all the others, it does not emit any harmful exhaust gas such as NOx, soot, or carbon monoxide. It is a greenhouse gas-free fireplace (without carbon) that reduces pollution and helps fight global warming. It is also a sustainable development fireplace that improves the air quality of our environment.

Additionally, ecoresponsible water vapor electric fireplaces use very little energy (less than 100 W on average for a 100 cm insert). It is a low-consumption fireplace for passive house. Lastly, 3D electric fireplaces are protected by an air and water disinfection system using virucidal and bactericidal UVC LEDs to fight viruses and bacteria in the air or water in the tanks.
In short, for AFIRE, water vapor fireplaces with real cold flames are by far the most sustainable and environmentally friendly fireplaces.


Environmentally friendly concept


Ecological fireplaces run on tap water


100% secure non-polluting fireplace


No discharge of harmful exhaust gas, carbon monoxide, NOx, soot, etc.

Environmentally friendly ethanol burners and fireplaces

Ethanol is a renewable energy source. It is a biofuel that has a so-called “perfect” combustion. There’s no soot and very little exhaust gas. Bioethanol fireplaces and burners were the precursors of environmentally friendly ventless fireplaces. This concept has made it possible to install fireplaces anywhere, without the constraint of a gas exhaust pipe. Electronics have also made it possible to minimize energy consumption and make ethanol burners safer with smart sensors. Moreover, ethanol is usually produced locally. It is a biofuel made of biomass that offers an alternative to fossil fuels.
In short, it’s safe to say that ecoresponsible fireplaces and burners running on bioethanol are a credible alternative to fireplaces using polluting energy sources. AFIRE, rethink the fireplace industry!

Environmentally friendly ethanol burner insert