Frequently Asqued Questions


FAQ – Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions about
Bio Ethanol Burners & Fireplaces


FAQ Answers to your frequent questions about purchasing an AFIRE ethanol fireplace or burner


Where can I purchase an AFIRE burner or fireplace? How do I order and pay and what are the delivery times and guarantees?

What is bioethanol? Which ones are used by AFIRE fireplaces and where can I find it?

What are the differences between a manual device and an AFIRE electronic device?

–  Differences in design
– Safety of operation
– Refilling the reservoir and gauge
– Clean burning and adjustable flame
– Lighting and extinguishing control
– Odors and dangers



FAQ Answers to your frequent questions about installing AFIRE ethanol fireplaces or burners


Do I need to call upon a professional to design and install a fire area?

Frequently-asked practical and technical questions about installing an AFIRE ethanol burner or fireplace

–  What electric power is required?
– What is the autonomy of a device?
– Besides the flame, does the AFIRE combustion block get hot?
– Which materials can be used around a burner? What is the safe distance and do I have to ventilate the recess?
– What materials can be used around a fireplace?
– How long does installation take?
– Is maintenance necessary?
– Besides the ethanol and electricity, do I need anything else?
– Do AFIRE inserts provide heating?
– Do you provide technical support?


We hope this page will help you answer the questions you may have about installing a ductless ethanol insert or fireplace. However, the technical and sales departments of the AFIRE company are available for any special requests or specific technical questions. You will find below a link to contact us.

Create your own design
and insert one of our built-in ethanol fireplace burner


Ventless bio ethanol burner insert with remote control AFIRE

Use one of our “ready-to-install”
remote controlled ethanol fireplace


Automatic direct-vent fireplace AFIRE

Fireplace Installation


Practical and technical issues regarding the installation of an AFIRE burner or ethanol fireplace

Electric power supply





Design fireplace ideas

Tips, tricks, photos and videos

How to build a decorative ventless fireplace