Is it easy to install a fire area with AFIRE devices?

Installing an AFIRE electronic ethanol fireplace or burner is not difficult at all. This installation can be done in a few minutes and with no special knowledge. AFIRE devices are delivered “ready-to-use”. You only need to attach or insert them into their housing.

We recommend that you always read the “device installation and usage manual” included with all AFIRE products and to refer to our website dedicated to the subject:

Installing an electronic bio ethanol burner insert

Installing an AFIRE vent-free bio-fireplace


Installation of a bio ethanol burner insert


So why call on an architect, interior decorator, designer or building professional?


Designing your fire area

Installing an AFIRE remote-controlled insert is simple, but designing a ductless fireplace that blends in perfectly with your style and decoration is the job of a designer. Professionals in outfitting and interior design have experience in Home Style. They will personalize your décor and living space by adding their expertise in creating a fire area. For AFIRE, calling upon a professional guarantees a successful fire area.

  Fireplace design area installing


Installing according to the rules of the art

Creating a stylish fireplace must be perfectly carried out. Building décor requires knowledge of the materials and their use in the living space. Installing electric power and integrating it into the insert housing is a job for a building professional. A construction project manager will provide technical knowledge and will guarantee proper installation.

Stylish fireplaces made with AFIRE remote-controlled electronic inserts

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