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With a Remote Controlled Ethanol Burner



An Intelligent Automatic Fireplace



Or a Water Vapor Fireplace Insert

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AFIRE Smart Fireplace – Eco-Friendly Decorative Ventless Fireplaces


“A fire aims upward”

Fireplaces give the home a soul, a touch of “well-being”. The fire is an invitation to dream. In front of the hearth, the spirit awakens, wanders, remembers… The fire gives us a future, a consciousness. An important fact is that nowadays the art of fire has been lost in the midst of urban life with its excessive demands…. With AFIRE you will discover the decorative smart fireplace.

In fact, installing a chimney flue is the most challenging action when carrying out interventions of this kind. This operation can at times prove impossible or in any case extremely difficult, disruptive and expensive and can often result in abandoning the installation of your hearth

AFIRE offers you the opportunity to create your smart design fireplace in a very simple manner. Modern hearths with real flames that can be installed very quickly, in the city as well as in the countryside, in a house, in an apartment or at commercial premises. An eco-friendly vent-free fireplace which is easy-to-install and easy-to-use. A device for everyday use, simply by pressing a remote control button.


The Pheonix is going to rise from the ashes


Eco-friendly & High Tech


Smart & Design


Simple & Secured


Constraints !

How to install your stylish decorative fireplace without flue ?

Water vapor fireplace AFIRE

Water Vapor Fireplaces

Have you ever seen water burning? Discover the incredible benefits of a 3D water vapor fireplace with real cold flames in adjustable colors. For all locations where hot flames could pose problems, a 3D electric fireplace is the ideal solution.

Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces

Ethanol Burner Insert

Smart Ethanol Burner Inserts

To create a ventless fire space, just install an electronic and remote-controlled ethanol burner insert in a customized décor. With its wide range of bioethanol fireplace inserts, AFIRE offers you endless possibilities to reinvent YOUR world of fire.

Smart Ethanol Burner Inserts

Design ethanol fireplace

Automatic Ethanol Fireplaces

For those who want to install a remote-controlled bio ethanol fireplace without any installation, AFIRE offers a range of electronic fireplaces with remote-controlled automatic ignition. A trendy collection. Light the fire!

Smart Ethanol Fireplaces

Unlike any other, eco-friendly AFIREWATER ™ water vapor fireplace inserts or 3D steam fireplaces have colorful cold flames that are cool to the touch.
Warn children of the danger of hot flames!

Remote-controlled automatic ethanol fireplaces or burner inserts also have their fans. These people like the warm, reassuring and comfortable side of a cozy fire to spend an evening by the fire.

Decorative fireplace


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AFIRE smart and decorative ventless fireplaces and inserts manufacturer

AFIRE smart decorative fireplace manufacturer creates a new discipline, where art, design and technology intersect, in order to offer you innovative fire spaces. Research, development, production, quality control, everything takes place at our premises. With over thirty years of experience, the manufacturing of intelligent fireplaces, bio ethanol burner inserts and 3D water vapor electric fireplace inserts in a marriage of craftwork and industry is dedicated to safety and design.
AFIRE smart fireplaces manufacturer

Modern hearths

The contemporary fireplaces have been adapted to the modern urban world.

Modern fireplaces AFIRE
A fire place shapes up the interior decoration. Smart decorative fireplaces are the hot topic nowadays. Fire fits into our current lifestyles. In a world that is increasingly urbanized, modern fireplaces also have high-tech control means. It is environmentally friendly, 100% secure, without constraints of any kind.

Modern Fireplaces & Contemporary Hearths

Design Fireplaces

Designers, architects, decorators, creators… Embrace fire!

Design fireplaces

Banned from cities, complicated or impossible to install, fire spaces were no longer an element of decoration embraced by designers, architects or professionals … But with a changing of the times and with the new arrival of embedded smart inserts, fireplaces have become a lot simpler, and professionals can again consider creating design fireplaces for their customers.

Stylish Fireplaces for Designers, Architects…

Create your vent-free hearth

Create very easily your design ventless fireplace without any constraints

Ventless fireplace
Create your fire space by embedding a decorative ventless burner or insert within your furnishings in just a few minutes. The possibilities are infinite and installation is very simple. Now, you too can own YOUR eco-friendly vent free hearth according to your personal taste …

Install your Smart Ventless Fireplace