How to install a 3D Water Vapor Electric Fireplace Insert?


Tips on how to install a steam fireplace

Installing a 3D water vapor electric fireplace is simple and quick. AFIRE has designed 3D electric inserts with simple and intuitive settings that adapt to the needs and habits of modern consumers. To install a 3D water vapor electric fireplace the operation takes place in two steps: preparation and installation.

  • The installation phase consists of designing your project. Do you simply want to set up a decorative fire space? Are you installing a fireplace-television combination set? Or are you doing more drastic improvement or renovation work? Note that it may be worth your while to seek help from a decoration professional or interior architect for this type of project.
  • Once the preparation step is finished, you can install your system into its housing after connecting it to the adapter. Then, fill the tank with tap water (or hook up the system to plumbing). That’s all – the installation is finished! You can start up your system and enjoy an extraordinary fire space!


Easy to install


Simple to use


Easy to fuel using tap water



Key points for installing a 3D water vapor electric fireplace

1. It’s all a question of décor: how to create a stylish fire space

How should you come up with a fire space that meets your expectations and desires? With the 3D water-vapor fireplace, the job is easy. Still, the design of your fire space is crucial. AFIRE advises that you sketch out your project or have it designed for you. You can then visualize and potentially change it. Interior decorators, designers, and architects and professionals in fireplaces and builders are the most qualified professionals to advise you and help you install your steam fireplace insert.
Note that it’s not necessary to create ventilation grates in order to install a 3D water vapor electric fireplace from AFIRE. The air intake vents are located on top of the device.

3D water vapor electric fireplace insert drawing

2. How to set up a water vapor insert?

A 3D fireplace runs only on water vapor and uses very little electricity. To install an AFIRE water vapor electric fireplace, you need to create a housing. You also need to think about an electric plug (it’s better to plan on it inside the housing). The system comes with a 100/240V (50-60 Hz) – 24V adapter. AFIRE automatically provides the right electrical connector for your country.

Just plug in the system and insert it into its housing. There is no need for aeration grids (AFIRE patented system).

Installation diagrams for a 3D steam fireplace insert

Installation diagram: water vapor fireplace insert
Installation diagram water vapor electric fireplace insert
Installation diagram steam fireplace 3d insert

3. How to fill the water tank?

You can use tap water to fill the tank. It’s important that the water isn’t too hard. In this case, you can use a water softener or use bottled water.
For AFIRE WATER ORIGINAL models, just lift the top plate, open the tank cap, and fill it up.
For AFIRE WATER PREMIUM and XXL models, just hook the provided hose to the system connector and submerge it into a bottle or jug of water. Press the filling button once to automatically start pumping. It will stop once the tank is full.
Note that you can directly hook up AFIRE WATER PREMIUM and XXL models to your tap water network. You can do this yourself or use a plumber. This hookup makes your system completely autonomous.

Tap water fireplace

It is possible to fill the water tank in three ways

Manual filling

Filling with integrated automatic pump

Connecting fireplace insert to the running water network


Manual filling


It is possible to fill the water tank in three ways
Manual filling (a connection to the water network is not necessary).
Filling with integrated automatic pump (a connection to the water network is not necessary).
Connecting fireplace insert to the running water network

It is possible to drain the water tank in two ways

ATTENTION! If you do not use your device for more than one week, drain it to avoid stagnant water. For drainage, it is not necessary to connect to the wastewater network.

Manual drainage
All ranges

Drainage with integrated automatic pump
Ranges AWP – AWX

4. 3D water Vapor fireplace inserts with high-tech controls

App smartphone water vapor fireplace insert

Smart controls

App Smartphone
Dry contact for home automation
Remote control
On/off button

Google Play - Apple Store
Remote control water vapor fireplace insert Premium

Pairing your Smartphone to the water vapor fireplace insert

Pairing the remote control to the water vapor fireplace insert

5. Precautions for use

The device is equipped with LED lights. These lights will illuminate the flames, and they are also likely to illuminate the top of the unit. Warning! Do not look at the source of light from above due to the risk of glare.

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