Water vapor electric fireplaces with germicidal UVC Lamps

Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces with Germicidal UVC Lamps


AFIRE water vapor electric fireplaces with germicidal UVC Lamps disinfect the air, water, and water vapor (patents pending). Ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation inactivates and kills viruses (coronavirus and others), bacteria, spores, microorganisms, and pathogens while the unit is in use. Every environmental protection agency has recognized the UVC treatment process as a proven and reliable technology. Installed in the air and water tanks, the UVC lights also disinfect the water vapor produced by the “mist makers,” or infrasonic transducers. These ultraviolet rays are confined to the inside of the tanks and are therefore not visible to the naked eye. We can really talk about a pure water vapor fireplace that gets rid of up to 99.99% of dangerous germs.

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UVC lamps viricidal and bactericidal AFIRE
UVC light germicidal, viricidal and bactericidal

UV-C air and water disinfection

Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces with Virucidal and Bactericidal UVC Lamps

Wikipedia: Sterilization by ultraviolet radiation is a sterilization method that relies on the sensitivity of microorganisms to exposure to short-wavelength ultraviolet light. This method is used in research laboratories to prepare sterile work surfaces, for food preservation, and for air and water purification. UV light has been known for its mutagenic properties since the beginning of the 20th century and Niels Finsen’s Nobel Prize for Medicine.


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Water vapor electric fireplaces with germicidal UVC Lamps - Virucidal and bactericidal


No Constraints!!! No emission of combustion gas, no heat

100% Safe Fireplaces

Air, water, and water vapor purification and disinfection using UVC rays is an important safety feature of all AFIRE water vapor electric fireplaces, but it is not the only one. In fact, a cold-flame steam fireplace poses no danger of fire or burns. It is a deciding factor when installing a fireplace in spaces that are open to the public such as hotels, restaurants, businesses, and wellness centers. It is also a crucial feature when choosing a decorative fireplace with real flames for families with children, buildings, and any homes that require complete safety.


Eco-friendly Fireplaces


More than a trend, environmentalism is a reflection that incorporates our vision of the world by combining nature with technological progress. Sustainable development has become an everyday issue. For AFIRE, an eco-friendly fireplace is one that we can use every day and that runs on renewable energy. The water vapor fireplace meets both of these requirements. It runs on water and uses very little energy (fewer than 60 W for a 50 cm-long insert). The water vapor electric fireplace is even more ecofriendly because it does not emit any exhaust gas (carbon monoxide, NOx, soot, etc.), unlike other fireplaces.

In short, we can really say that water vapor electric fireplaces with UVC Lamps are by far the safest and most environmentally friendly real cold-flame fireplaces.

AFIRE eco-friendly fireplaces

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