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Tips, tricks, photos and videos to install a remote controlled ventless ethanol fireplace
Fireplace blog AFIRE

AFIRE Fireplace Blog


AFIRE Fireplace Blog:
Design Ethanol Fireplaces & Smart Remote Controlled Bioethanol Burners

Fireplace blog: full of advice, tips, photos and videos to install a ventless fireplace, a wall mounted fireplace, a coffee table fireplace, a bio ethanol burner embedded into the floor or in furniture, a central free standing fireplace, a corner fireplace, a luxury fireplace TV set….
Fireplace blog AFIRE: light up your dreams with a modern and design fireplace… Emile M. Cioran said: “The beauty of flames lies in their strange play, beyond all proportion and harmony”. Rethink fire!

Fireplace blog AFIRE offers you two options to install your top end smart and design ethanol fireplaces.

Create your personalized decor and insert one of our models:
Smart Remote Controlled Bioethanol Burner Collection

Use one of our ventless “ready to install” fireplace models:
Smart Remote Controlled Bio Ethanol Fireplace Range