What is the role of a fireplace in interior design? Nowadays in modern homes, most indoor fireplaces are no longer intended for heating, but as architectural design. The designer fireplace has taken precedence over the gas or wood-burning fireplace intended for heating.
Inserts and water vapor fireplaces, ethanol burners and electric fireplaces offer advantages of simple installation. These are ventless fireplaces that adapt to any design style. For decorators, designers and interior designers, a modern fire gives life to their creations. Finally, they are versatile, environmentally friendly fireplaces that only use clean fuels or water.

Living decorative fireplace
House decorative fireplace

Designer fireplaces for home or private apartments

In private homes, the role of a fireplace in the decoration of a living room, bedroom or other room is most often purely aesthetic. There are now high-performance heating appliances that far outperform gas or wood-burning fireplaces for this functionality. In addition, it must be said that a fireplace that runs on wood or fossil fuels is particularly polluting.
Design has thereby claimed the benefits of the pleasure of fire. With renewable energies for inserts, automatic bioethanol burners and water for electric water vapor fireplaces, the designer fireplace has become an environmentally responsible ecological fireplace that does not pollute. It decorates the rooms of a house or apartment by bringing brightness and life. It is particularly acclaimed by professionals for its role in decoration with the television and fireplace set.


Built-in inserts and bio ethanol burners


Environmentally friendly water vapor fireplaces


Total security for all living areas


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What is the role of a fireplace in the interior design of the hospitality sector or places open to the public?

For a hotel, restaurant or place open to the public, the role of a fireplace is purely decorative. The need for decoration and comfort has evolved a lot in recent years. Using a line of fire in the lobby of a hotel, in the dining room of a restaurant, or in a popular bar is very trendy. This is also true for outlets, clubs and reception areas. We can even see new applications or a new role for a fireplace in interior design for events, showrooms, fashion shows, etc.
All of this is made possible with the arrival of cold-flame water vapor fireplaces. These electric fireplaces with real flames are 100% safe. They comply with all international safety standards. In addition, they do not emit any harmful gases and work with water. These are ecological and environmentally friendly fireplaces that are installed in any place that receives the public.
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