High-Tech Modern Fireplace & Smart Contemporary Hearth


A new innovative fireplace concept

The arrival of the modern fireplace running on bio-ethanol fuel and water vapor fireplace inserts has resulted in great enthusiasm and interest in the world of hearth manufacturers and distributors. While some viewed it as merely a new product that would enrich their collections and lead to new customers many others saw it as merely a bottom-of-the-range product, usually sold by discount traders on the web.
Nevertheless, it is true that the image of fire is firmly rooted in our minds. Flames bring life and well-being to the decoration of our interior spaces. But how can we reconcile modern life with the pleasure of fire? All that remained was to invent a new concept of innovative, unconstrained fireplaces that combine modernity and safety, simplicity and ease of installation, both in rural and urban areas. The smart and innovative modern high-tech fireplace, AFIRE meets these contemporary fire needs.

High-end, high-tech and eco-friendly fireplaces

AFIRE is a manufacturer of exclusive modern fireplaces for today’s consumers who value quality, safety and personalized design. These are high-tech and eco-friendly contemporary fireplaces, which have nothing to do with the dangerous products sold by discounters on the web. AFIRE is aimed at high-end customers and distributors who wish to install a range of modern-day fireplaces and inserts. It provides eco-friendly fireplaces that offer all the guarantees of quality and meet all safety standards.


Modern, High-Tech and Eco-Friendly Conception


Security and Simplicity of Use


Contemporary Design


Constraints !

Modern high-tech eco-friendly fireplace

1. A modern fireplace for new users

A new market was created with the arrival of vent free hearths. Users are mostly urban dwellers and their numbers are increasing given that we can install these contemporary fireplaces almost anywhere: flats, rooms where this is no possibility of installing a chimney, commercial premises, etc. For these new users, by reinventing urban spaces, fire assumes a role of user-friendliness and animated décor, providing a welcoming heat.

2. Creative professionals that advise

Distributors are evolving towards a nobler role of advisor. They are able “to show off” the product and can also suggest accompanying accessories if the customer is interested. Customisation of the hearth becomes essential for these new retailers of the modern open fire. An innovative modern fireplace “ready to install” range is also available

3. The fitting of a contemporary hearth

Simpler and faster to install, AFIRE ethanol inserts and 3D electric fireplace inserts fit easily into numerous elements of decor: a niche in a wall, a shelf, stonework, a piece of furniture, etc. They can be embedded in the ground, can fit into an existing hearth or into numerous noble materials such as marble, stone, steel, etc.

4. Smart & modern water vapor fireplaces and ethanol burner inserts at the cutting edge of technology

AFIRE develops a comprehensive range of modern water vapor fireplaces and ethanol burner inserts. These products meet the CE (Europe), FCC (USA) and IC (Canada) safety standard requirements. The entire range has a remote-controlled automatic ignition (Smartphone, remote control, etc.) and on/off buttons. Furthermore, numerous safety sensors stop the flames in the event of abnormal functioning.
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