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How can you install a fireplace for apartment if you don’t have a chimney? How can create a modern, stylish, and practical fire space in your loft, studio, or house in the city? Lots of solutions exist with new ventless contemporary fireplaces. The water vapor fireplaces, 3D electric fireplace inserts, ethanol burners and automatic bio fireplaces meet your expectations for decorative urban fireplaces. Here are the fireplace for apartment models recommended by AFIRE.

Water vapor fireplace for apartment

Fireplaces for apartments – water vapor fireplace inserts are the solution with absolute safety

Although a hot flame may create a danger, the cold flames of a water vapor fireplace are completely safe. Created from smoke and light, this cold flame is very realistic. We were amazed!
So, this is the ideal solution for families with children who live in an apartment building. It’s also a great way to spend an evening by the fire in an apartment with no duct, with real flames (even though they’re cold). You can see that water vapor electric fireplaces and 3D steam fireplaces have lots of advantages. They are fireplaces for apartments with no danger. They are eco-friendly fireplaces without harmful combustion gases!


Vent-free fireplace for apartment


Water vapor fireplace insert for total safety


Ready to install ventless bio fireplace


Constraints !

Fireplace for apartment: embeddable ethanol burner for custom design

As part of renovating or refurbishing, the bio-ethanol burner is the ideal solution to install a fireplace for apartment with custom design. Not only does a bioethanol insert require no duct (like all AFIRE systems), but it can be installed into any type of decoration. This is the favorite system of interior designers and architects to set up a custom fireplace in a loft or condo. Of course, it’s absolutely imperative to choose an embeddable automatic remote-controlled ethanol burner insert.

Fireplace for apartment

Automatic bio fireplaces: the “ready to install” of the world of urban fire

From the studio to the condo, automatic bio fireplaces can be installed with no construction work. No ducts, no installation, and no constraints. It’s really the turnkey solution for vent-free fire spaces. With automatic bio fireplaces you can set, embed, or mount on the wall, the AFIRE offer will let you create any type of fire space. Also, consider that there are lots of renters in apartments or houses in the city. Ethanol fireplaces, even though they absolutely must be attached, can be considered as furniture. They can be moved around with no problem. Therefore, they’re a very good solution for renters.
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Ethanol burner insert for apartment

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