The eco-friendly electric water vapor fireplace is the solution to all the problems of environmental friendliness and fire safety. With its high-tech design and the use of cold water as “fuel,” the water vapor fireplace is a real progress in the world of fire and decoration. Public places and households can now be equipped with real cold flame fire lines without any danger.

The eco-friendly electric water vapor fireplace is a world ahead of its time

AFIRE ecological fireplaces use tap water. UVC germicidal and virucidal lamps are used to disinfect it and ultrasonic mist makers transform it into cold steam. Propelled by fans, the ultra-fine steam is illuminated by LEDs creating a magnificent flame of water and light. Unlike other models, electric fireplaces with real flames are 100% safe and do not emit any dangerous gases. This eco-design is a decisive step forward in the use of decorative fire.


Ecological electric fireplaces powered by water vapor


Environmentally friendly fireplaces




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The eco-friendly electric water vapor fireplace combines the beauty of the flames with 100% safety

One advantage of an electric fireplace is that it is safe. It poses none of the dangers of fire. Its major flaw is its lack of real flames. People say that it is a fake fireplace. Actually, we have to acknowledge that the results of a traditional electric fireplace are very mediocre when it comes to aesthetics.

The AFIRE electric steam fireplace is the solution to all problems relating to the safety and realism of fire. It is an environmentally friendly fireplace. An AFIRE vapor fireplace insert works with water and does not release any toxic gases. It is a cold flame fireplace and thus not potentially dangerous. Finally, it is a fire with beautiful real flames whose colors can be changed.
With AFIRE rethink fire!
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Eco-friendly water vapor fireplace