What are the advantages of a modern fireplace? Safety, ecology, high-tech, economy and ease of use. Traditional fireplaces are disappearing in favor of contemporary flueless fireplaces. One of the main factors in the choice of a water vapor electric fireplace or an automatic remote controlled bio ethanol burner is safety. However, we also need to consider ecology and respect for the environment. Technology plays an important role in bringing all these factors together to ease the way a modern fireplace is used on a daily basis.

What are the advantages of a modern fireplace running on water vapor when it comes to decoration?


Safety is the main advantage of a water vapor fireplace for architects and designers. Indeed, inserts with hot flames can be the source of fires. It is a critical problem when it comes to the installation of fireplaces in the public sector, the hospitality sector, buildings, etc. This is also the case for families with children or sensitive persons. Cold flame electric steam fireplaces designers and architects but also individuals to be exempt from all security concerns.

Ecology and respect for the environment

A contemporary fireplace is an environmentally friendly fireplace that is designed with the environment in mind. A water vapor fireplace uses only water and emits only steam. This vapor is immediately absorbed by the surrounding air without any condensation. The fire is clean, without any pollution, and is perfectly respectful of the users and the environment.

Modern high-tech fireplace

Electronics is essential in the creation and regulation of flames. An electric water fireplace is a concentrate of technology that commands, modulates and controls the cold fire. One of the advantages of a modern high-tech steam fireplace is that it offers designers and interior architects simple and new technical solutions for integrating fire into decoration.


Eco-friendly fireplaces


Safe fire


High-tech fireplaces


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What are the advantages of a modern fireplace with an automatic remote-controlled ethanol burner?

For those who like a cozy fire with warm flames, the ideal solution is to use an automatic and remote-controlled ethanol burner.
Bioethanol burners offer many advantages. It is very easy to install as it does not require a flue. Furthermore, AFIRE bioethanol inserts fit into any decor or design. In addition, the embedded electronic systems stop the fire in case of malfunction.
As we can see, an AFIRE ethanol fireplace burner offers many advantages. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of sizes to allow for all kinds of installations in both traditional and modern spaces.
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Advantages of a contemporary fireplace with an ethanol burner insert