An AFIRE high-end indoor decorative fireplace is a high-tech eco-friendly fireplace with real flames that are 100% safe. Manufacturers have incorporated new features and energies into their products to reinvent the world of fire. Nowadays, a modern high-end fireplace is an environmentally friendly decorative fireplace that is operated with electronic controls such as a remote control. Furthermore, contemporary housing and public areas no longer tolerate the slightest danger from fire. Safety must be total.

Indoor decorative fireplace, a must-have in terms of design and technology

The use of the traditional fireplace has evolved. Today, it is more a decorative fireplace than a heating appliance. Decorators and interior designers have seized on these new possibilities of “living” decoration. Because they are easy to install and maintain, electric fireplaces with real flames are the most widely used. The water vapor fireplace is becoming the main tool used by interior designers. However, the automatic remote-controlled ethanol burner is an attractive option to keep the warmth of the fire.


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AFIRE high-end interior decorative fireplaces

Water vapor electric fireplaces

The decorative interior water vapor fireplace is undoubtedly the most eco-friendly and safest. Its cold flames make it a fireplace for the hospitality industry or any place open to the public. Live fire creates an extraordinary atmosphere in restaurants, hotels, club houses, trendy bars, etc. It is also a great tool to create an exclusive atmosphere in all common living areas.
But it is also an indoor steam fireplace for persons who are very sensitive to the problems of air pollution and the safety in the built environment. Indeed, for apartment owners or tenants, decorative water vapor fireplaces with real flames are practically the only ones that can be installed in urban areas. It is an environmentally friendly decorative fireplace that offers perfect safety. Furthermore, it is very economical to use as it consumes only water and very little electricity.

Indoor decorative steam fireplace

Automatic and remote-controlled bio ethanol fireplaces and burners

It is also possible to use a bio ethanol insert with electronic security and automatic ignition to create a high-end decorative fireplace. The warmth of the decorative ethanol burner insert is reminiscent of a real indoor fireplace. Another advantage of this solution is that it uses renewable energy and does not require you to install a flue. The ethanol fireplace is a good eco-friendly compromise for those who want to spend an evening by the fire in a cozy atmosphere.
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Ethanol burner insert for decorative fireplace