Price of a water vapor fireplace 3D

What is the price of a water vapor electric fireplace? AFIRE analysis

What is the price of a water vapor electric fireplace? What is the cost of a steam fireplace insert? AFIRE offers a comparison of different types of fireplaces according to their energy. It must be understood that in order to calculate a cost price of a domestic fireplace, it is necessary to consider its installation, the costs incurred by the fuel supply and its maintenance. But we must also take into account the constraints related to type of homes, ecological considerations and the health effects of a domestic fire.

Finally, we must rely on the reality of the facts. It is increasingly difficult to install wood or gas fireplaces in the city, in all modern homes including buildings. The main reason is that it is often impossible to set up a flue and the fuel supply is very problematic or completely impossible.


Price of a wood or gas fireplace


Cost of an automatic and secured ethanol fireplace or burner


Price of a water vapor electric fireplace


Price of a manual ethanol fireplace or basic electric fireplace

Cost of a fireplace: equipment, installation and use

When talking about the cost of a fireplace, it is best to consider all the factors to determine the annual cost price. The price of the fireplace insert is important, but we must also add the installation cost and the cost of fuel and maintenance.

Price of a stove or a wood burning fireplace

This is certainly the most expensive fireplace, with regard to installation cost as well as the price of wood supply and the maintenance cost. It takes more than 12000 Euro to 18000 Euro (USD 12500 to USD 19000) for equipment and installation. The price of wood and its delivery depends on the region but often represents a large budget to which the annual sweeping costs must be added.

Price of a gas fireplace or insert

If we add the installation of a gas line, the cost and assembly of the fireplace and the installation of a ventilation duct, we often arrive at a sum which exceeds 12000 Euro (USD 12500). Also, the price of gas and the mandatory annual maintenance cost must be added.

Price of an ethanol burner or fireplace

There is a big difference depending on the type of equipment. In fact, a simple ethanol container costs only a few hundred Euros. However, these products are really dangerous. If you opt for a remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert or fireplace that is automatic and secured, it is reasonable to speak of an average budget of 1200 Euro to 6000 Euro (USD 1250 to USD 6500) according to the size of the fireplace insert. There is no maintenance but the ethanol budget must be added.

Price of a basic fake electric fireplace

This is certainly the most economical fireplace. Electric fireplaces can be found from 500 Euro (USD 550). These fireplace inserts are safe. These devices are also used for heating. However, the consumption of a 2000 W electric fireplace is not trivial. Aesthetically, these fireplaces are not really up to par. These often refer to fake fireplaces and fake flames.

Price of a water vapor electric fireplace or steam fireplace insert

On average, the price of a water vapor electric fireplace insert is between 1200 Euro and 5000 Euro (USD 1250 to USD 5500). However, what makes it particularly economical and eco-friendly is that it only uses water as fuel. When we talk about a fuel budget of several hundred or even thousands of euros for all its competitors, the budget of a 3D water vapor fireplace is equal to zero. This 3D fireplace also has real cold flames that are very impressive and 100% safe.

Cost of a water vapor fireplace insert

Price of a fireplace and also ecological and health considerations

To conclude, it must be said that the price of a fireplace is not everything. You also have to look at its ecological footprint and the dangers of emitted flue gas. In this case, the 3D water vapor electric fireplace is certainly the best choice. It consumes only water and a little electricity. It is a cold flame fireplace and therefore it is completely safe. In short, it has great advantages over its competitors…
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