Why are high-end electric fireplaces popular? What are their characteristics and main advantages? What gives traditional electric fireplaces a bad reputation and why have hybrid electric fireplaces changed this? Firstly, what is a high-end electric fireplace?
A high-end electric fireplace is a hybrid decorative fireplace (electricity + water, electricity + ethanol, etc.), with real flames. It’s environmentally friendly and runs in complete safety. It is a modern fireplace with all the advantages of digital controls, electronic control and network connectivity. It also adapts to the most refined luxury design in high-end design.


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High-end electric fireplaces that express the essence of luxury

High-end design refined. Who would imagine that a traditional electric fireplace is suitable for the decor in a quality home? The flames of these devices are fake and very poorly rendered. In addition, the surroundings are often pitiful with inferior quality materials and a very low-end design to say the least. No, the traditional electric fireplace commonly sold on the internet is not suitable for a medium or high-end home.
This situation changed however, with the arrival of new fire technologies. The electric water vapor fireplace and the ethanol burner insert have radically changed our vision of the electric fireplace. These are hybrid fire types that use different forms of renewable energy. The results are extraordinary, with ranges of designer fireplaces with real flames, combining ecology and innovation!

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High-end electric fireplaces for a quality home

High-end design is essential to the comfort of a residential space. In the hospitality sector and for public places, the electric water vapor fireplace with cold flames is certainly the best option for installing a 100% secure fire area. For sure, in housing or communal living spaces, the safety of cold flames and perfect combustion hygiene (no harmful gases) are decisive elements.
On the other hand, the consideration of sustainable development in the choice of product and mode of operation is a fact among professionals and big names in hospitality. The ecological and environmentally friendly fireplace is attracting more and more interest. The water vapor fireplace is the best example.
It must however be said that the cozy warmth and hot flames of an electric ethanol burner insert also has its fans. In this case, it is essential to choose an electric and remote-controlled ethanol unit. These high-end electric fireplaces using bioethanol, (a perfectly renewable energy), are however generally reserved for private homes for reasons of specific standards.
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