Ethanol burner insert home decoration ideas

Bio Ethanol burner insert home decoration ideas for designing your custom fireplace in 2020

Ethanol burner insert home decoration ideas: how to install your custom fireplace in 2020. The latest trends and novelties in the world of fire confirm the upmarket positioning of the ethanol fireplace. It is the automatic and remote-controlled ethanol burner inserts that are taking precedence over the manually operated products. It seems that consumer associations and professionals have finally convinced buyers of the need for electronic safety equipment. The other marked trend of the year is the custom ethanol fireplace. The majority of buyers, in fact, want to install a modern design fireplace that adapts perfectly to their habitat.


The automatic remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert, an expected upmarket positioning

The news regarding the ethanol fireplace is the roll-out of products equipped with electronic safety systems and modern commands. Buyers have understood the danger of manual inserts during the ignition and extinguishing phases of the flames. The automatic and remote controlled ethanol burner insert needs to have two separate parts in the same appliance: an ethanol burner and a fuel tank. It also needs to be able to be turned on and off remotely and to stop automatically in the event of an anomaly. A modern fireplace can only be designed with these features.


Bio ethanol burner inserts ideas for modern fireplaces


2020 the year of the custom fireplace


Remote controlled bio ethanol burner inserts with active safety systems



Decoration idea ethanol burner insert
Modern ethanol fireplace

Ethanol burner insert home decoration ideas with AFIRE

PFor equipping one’s fireplace with a bio ethanol burner insert, the home decoration and design ideas are endless. The trend is definitely for a fireplace with an XL ethanol burner. The insert is often placed in a recess under the television. The idea being to be able to enjoy both from one’s sofa. The fireplace and the television form a winning pair in contemporary home decoration.


Ethanol burner insert home decoration ideas with decorators and interior designers

The news regarding fireplaces is linked to the need to customise one’s habitat. This is really the striking trend for 2020. One can find many ideas and images for designing a fire area on the web or in magazines. Inventive home decoration ideas are innumerable. To give reality to these projects, interior designers and interior decorators, as well as fireplace professionals, are the essential artisans for a successful installation. A fireplace project found on the web, installed with an automatic ethanol burner insert by a fireplace professional or an interior designer is the winning idea in 2020.
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