Remote-controlled automatic ethanol burner insert

The AFIRE remote-controlled automatic ethanol burner insert represents an authentic eco-friendly and secure alternative to create your ventless design fireplace. Combining the elegance of refined design with environmentally friendly technology, this bioethanol burner establishes a warm ambiance while contributing to the preservation of the planet. This decorative remote-controlled fireplace ensures a friendly experience, symbolizing the perfect marriage of aesthetics, ecology, and safety. Transform your spaces with the AFIRE ethanol burner, an ideal fusion of contemporary style and ecological responsibility.

Remote-controlled automatic ethanol burner insert by AFIRE, limitless design

Modern design aspires to be without constraints. The AFIRE ethanol burner is designed with a revolutionary approach, eliminating the need for a smoke evacuation chimney. Furthermore, its sleek and contemporary aesthetic seamlessly integrates into any living space, whether it’s a modern residence, a chic office, or an avant-garde commercial space. Designers can now create fire spaces that adapt to all styles of living with the range of automatic and remote-controlled ethanol inserts and burners by AFIRE.


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Eco-friendly ethanol burner insert


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Ethanol burner insert, a true ecological alternative to traditional fireplaces

Remote-controlled automatic ethanol burner and fireplace embodie an eco-friendly and secure alternative that combines modernity with environmental responsibility. Powered by bioethanol, a renewable fuel derived from plant materials, this combustion system offers an environmentally friendly solution by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Safety is also at the core of this device, with advanced sensors constantly monitoring ethanol levels, ensuring risk-free use. In the event of anomalies, the insert automatically shuts off, providing users with complete peace of mind.

The range of remote-controlled automatic bioethanol burners by AFIRE

– Inserts ranging from 40 to 100 cm in the BL series
– XL burners from 120 to 180 cm in the BX series
– Modular inserts of 200 cm and more in the Modulo series
– Round or square ethanol burners in the BC-BR series
– Inserts for existing fireplaces with ADD bioethanol

In conclusion, the remote-controlled automatic ethanol burner insert by AFIRE provides both an eco-friendly and secure alternative for designing a ventless fireplace. Combining elegance, environmental friendliness, and safety, it creates a warm and contemporary atmosphere in various living spaces.

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Ethanol burner insert for decorative fireplace