How much electrical power is required?

Any electric outlet will do (from 100 to 240 volts – 50/60 Hz). AFIRE provides a 12V adapter you just need to plug in (like with a laptop computer). AFIRE will deliver the electrical plug appropriate for your country.


Adapter 12V AFIRE


What is the autonomy for a device?

The autonomy of a device depends on the line it comes from.
– BL Line, Fireplace Line: autonomy from 5 to 7 hours
– BX, BC and Modulo Line: autonomy from 8 to 10 hours


Besides the flame, does the AFIRE combustion block heat up?

The AFIRE insert is cold (except for the flames and the burner tray). It can be fitted into any type of housing. However, be careful to use non-flammable materials above the burner (see next question).


Secured ethanol burner insert for fireplace


What materials can be used around a burner? Do I need to ventilate the lower part?

An AFIRE combustion block can be fitted into any type of sufficiently sturdy and fixed housing. Above the burner, any materials which may come into contact with the flame or heated by it must be non-flammable.

Electronic bio ethanol burner



Since the insert is cold, it is not necessary to ventilate its housing.

The holes in the lower shell only serve to reduce the weight of the burner.

To find out the distances of installing a burner into its environment, contact us by email and we will send you the technical description of the product with the required installation measurements.


Ethanol burner installation clearences


What materials can be used around a fireplace?

If the fireplace is attached to a wall, it must be sufficiently solid to support the attachment and the weight of the fireplace. If the fireplace is placed on the ground, it must be attached. Watch out for drapery and wall hangings. It is imperative that they cannot come into contact with the flame (air currents, etc.).


How long does installation take?

Installation of the device itself will only take a few minutes. However, creating the surrounding design and the decoration will obviously depend on your project. Further explanation on the page:  Do I need to call on a professional to design and install a fire area?


Is maintenance necessary?

AFIRE devices require no maintenance.


Besides ethanol and electric power, do I need anything else?



Can AFIRE inserts be considered as heating?

AFIRE fireplaces are not meant for heating. However, they provide a source of heat and comfort that varies depending on the type of device. In any case, this is only a complementary and intermittent source of heat.


Installing an AFIRE Ethanol Fireplace: do you provide technical support?

Even though they do not intervene directly in setting up the devices, the AFIRE technical and sales departments will advise and guide you in choosing and designing your fire area. If you wish, feel free to attach a sketch or blueprint to your email request.


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