Bio ethanol

What is bioethanol?

Ethanol, or CH3-CH2-OH bio-alcohol, is a modern combustible made from plants or waste; it is considered a renewable energy source. It is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels. When it burns, it produces no odor or smoke as long as it is sufficiently oxygenated in an appropriate combustion block.

What type of ethanol should I use for AFIRE devices?

The bio ethanol used in AFIRE devices must be liquid with a concentration of 95% to 97%. Attention: gels are not appropriate for AFIRE combustion blocks. Vehicle fuel and any other combustible are strictly prohibited from use in all AFIRE products. No additives may be added to the combustible (perfume, essential oils, etc.).


Where can I find it?

Nowadays, denatured bio ethanol is a commonplace product. You can find it anywhere in any country. You can get it online, from specialized shops or in large hardware stores. You must comply with applicable laws concerning storage of combustibles and keep it out of reach from children.

We recommend that you carefully read our Combustible Warning in the installation and usage manual provided with all AFIRE devices.

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