Fireplaces trends in 2022

Fireplaces in 2022: here are the fireplace trends for 2022 as seen by AFIRE. To begin with, there is a strong desire to promote environmentally friendly products. The non-polluting eco-friendly fireplace has become commonplace. The second concern is safety. The design of a fire place must be 100% safe. Electric fireplaces with cold vapor are the perfect answer to this purpose. And finally, the arrival of high-tech in all ranges is noted. The fireplace must be easy to control. We want to be able to light the fire with a simple press on a remote control or the button of a smartphone. In 2022, fireplaces will be smart and connected.

fireplaces in 2022

Eco-design fireplaces in 2022 – Eco-friendly water vapor fireplace & ethanol burner

As mentioned, the eco-friendly fireplace is a must-have in 2022. Ecology is no longer a trendy gadget, it has become an absolute necessity. All our habits and all the aspects of our lives must adapt to this new paradigm. New fireplaces are environmentally friendly and have a modern eco-design. The eco-friendly water vapor fireplace is certainly the most symbolic of this new trend. However, the bio ethanol burner which uses a renewable energy has its supporters. Those who like to spend evenings by the fire with the soft heat of the flames.


Environmentally friendly eco-design fireplace


Fireplace safety


High-tech design steam fireplace


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Fireplaces in 2022 – Safety without compromise

A cold flame fireplace has long been a designer’s dream. Electric water vapor inserts are now a reality. They enable simple installations without limitations (no smoke exhaust). They also have the great advantage of being able to be installed absolutely anywhere. Made of light and water vapor, they offer architects and interior designers ideal solutions for public spaces. It is also the preferred choice for families with children or vulnerable people. The water vapor fireplace has truly revolutionized the world of fire.

High-tech safe water vapor fireplace

In 2022, fireplaces will be high-tech and easy-to-use

Many people think that high technology is complicated. At AFIRE we think the opposite. A high-tech fireplace is designed to make your life easier. Modern fireplaces are operated at the touch of a button. This is the case for a remote-controlled ethanol burner insert and also for an electric water vapor fireplace that can be controlled with one’ s smartphone.
In addition, the technology offers an amazing variety of benefits. We can now use cold flame fireplaces that change colors. It is possible to increase the flames and their speed. You can even choose their brightness. High-tech has profoundly changed our way of looking at fire.

In 2022, fireplaces will be decorative and entertaining

Like everything else, the world of fire has evolved. We are now talking about high-tech decorative fireplaces that are 100% safe. In 2022, redesign the fire!

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