Water vapor fireplace for hotel restaurant

Water Vapor Fireplace Insert for Hotel, Restaurant and Public Places, Safety at 100%

A water vapor fireplace insert for hotel, restaurant, spa, shop and all public places that is guaranteed 100% safe! Indeed, it is a fireplace with cold flames which do not create any risk. Some might even be tempted to put their hand into the dancing flames. It is a totally innovative concept that creates new fire spaces that can be adapted to all public spaces and that respects all of the standards in force. What’s more, the water vapor fireplace for hotel, restaurant, spa, and shopping centers can be installed without any major work. It is simply a question of embedding the models into a decor.

A Fully Innovative Domestic Fire That Shapes an Imaginative Decoration

The attractiveness of a shopping center, of a shop and, more generally, of any public place is perceived through its decoration. All kinds of effects are good to give it some life. The domestic water vapor fireplace offers the ideal solution to the designers of these spaces. This fire is attractive, it allows for the most imaginative installations with colored flames, and all without any danger! Long lines of fire can even be created by connecting several water vapor inserts. Fire is coming back to the heart of public spaces, a 100% safe fireplace!


Water vapor fireplace for hotel


3D fireplace for restaurant


Water vapor electric fireplace for public places


Contraintes !

Reception, Lobby, Rooms, the Water Vapor Fireplace for Hotel Restaurant Fits Anywhere

Before these new vapor and light inserts, fire was considered truly dangerous in the hospitality sector. Flames were seen as potential enemies by all security services. With the fireplace for hotels, restaurants, and shops, things have completely changed. Cold flames area no longer a threat. A water vapor insert can be installed in all the rooms of a hotel, as well as in its restaurant, the bar in its reception area, and in all of its large spaces. It creates an inimitably warm touch, even if the flames are cold. With AFIRE rethink fire in the design of hospitality sector establishments!
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