Water vapor fireplaces with UVC lamps

Inserts and water vapor fireplaces with UVC lamps: virucidal and bactericidal


Why are inserts and water vapor fireplaces with UVC lamps revolutionizing the modern fireplace world? We must understand that 3D fireplaces with real flames are not like other fireplaces: they are 100% safe. Electric water vapour inserts are actually fireplaces with cold flames. Therefore, we can install them in any place. These steam fireplaces are particularly recommended for places that receive large numbers of people. They can also be installed in private homes that require total security.
With the advent of UVC lamps in air and water tanks (patents granted), AFIRE uses the energy generated by the disinfection of ultraviolet rays. UVC lamps can effectively get rid of bacteria, spores, viruses (coronavirus and others), microorganisms, and pathogens up to 99.99%. Water vapor fireplaces with UVC lamps are therefore the safest fireplaces in the world.

UVC lamp virucidal and bactericidal
UVC light germicidal, viricidal and bactericidal

Wikipedia: Sterilization by ultraviolet radiation is a sterilization method that relies on the sensitivity of microorganisms to exposure to short-wavelength ultraviolet light. This method is used in research laboratories to prepare sterile work surfaces, for food preservation, and for air and water purification. UV light has been known for its mutagenic properties since the beginning of the 20th century and Niels Finsen’s Nobel Prize for Medicine.


Fireplace inserts with UVC lamps.


Fireplace for hotels, restaurants, bars and public places.


Cold flame fireplace for families with children.


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When are water vapor fireplaces with UVC lamps a must?


Recent events teach us that hygiene is of paramount importance in any modern society. An electric water vapor fireplace with UVC lamps protects us from the dispersal of contaminated vapor. The anaerobic creation of germs in still water can actually be potentially harmful to health. These bacteria, viruses and germs will then be released into the air when you turn on your appliance. However, the ultraviolet UVC rays of your 3D fireplace will destroy and inactivate the DNA of viruses, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. The steam and mixed air are completely disinfected.
The hospitality sector and more generally public places are particularly sensitive to this absolute safety and hygiene issue. A water vapor fireplace insert with UVC lamps is the ideal fireplace for hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. It is also a fireplace for shopping malls, boutiques, spas, etc.
For the private housing sector, families who wish to install a customized fire space will appreciate the total safety of a cold flame insert with pure water vapor. No more worries about how dangerous it can be for children, no more problems with standards in your home.
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XXL electric water vapor fireplace with UVC lamp