Advantages water vapor fireplace inserts

What are the main advantages of water vapor fireplace inserts? How have 3D fireplace inserts revolutionized the decoration and design world? What are the four basic features of a water vapor fireplace? Why will electric steam fireplaces replace all the other ones? This article will allow you to understand the irresistible attraction for the 100% safe, modern, design and environmentally friendly cold flame steam fireplace.


1 – The main advantage of a water vapor fireplace: the safety of cold flames

We have always talked about duality in the spirit of fire. Fire gives us pleasure and emotions but it is also very dangerous. Even if you love fire, would you like to play with the safety of your loved ones in your home or apartment? Who would like to take the slightest risk in modern homes or public places? The main advantage of a water vapor fireplace is the safety of real cold flames. Fire has become accessible everywhere in modern cities, without any danger. The electric water vapor fireplace is therefore intended for decoration professionals, designers and developers of public places but also for individuals who do not want to take any risk for their families and their property.


Total safety!


Eco-friendly fireplaces


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Environmentally friendly fireplaces

2 – The attractions of an ecological, environmentally friendly fireplace

Sustainable development makes sense on a daily basis. The advantage of 3D electric fireplaces according to AFIRE is that this technology uses only water and very little electric energy (from 40 to 60 W for an insert of 50 cm length). In addition, and contrary to all the other types of fireplaces, the water vapor fireplace is ecological because it does not emit any combustion gases (no NOx, carbon monoxide, soot, dangerous gases, etc.). These two main advantages make water vapor inserts truly environmentally friendly fireplaces.


3 – The advantages of water vapor fireplace inserts: ventless and stress-free

In addition to the advantages already listed, here are the main benefits of 3D water vapor fireplaces:
– Easy to install “plug and play” fireplace.
– No chimney flue to install.
– Air intake on the top of the appliance, no ventilation grilles to install (AFIRE patent).
– Works with tap water.
– Manual filling is possible.
– Automatic filling is possible with the built-in pump.
– The appliance can also be connected to the mains water supply (totally all by yourself).
– Built-in drain pump.
– No fuel to buy, no need to go anywhere or have it brought to your home.
– No servicing, no cleaning.
– UVC disinfection of air and used water (AFIRE patent).
– You may choose natural or multicolored flames. Lighting effects (AFIRE patent).
– Adjustment of density height and flame speed (AFIRE patent).
– Etc.

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4 – The advantages of a modern 3D fireplace that you can control using your fingers and your eyes

An intelligent modern fireplace must be able to adapt to your needs. It should be easy to operate with just the push of a button. Yet it should also be controllable using more modern, state-of-the-art control systems. Remote control, dry contact for home automation applications, Apps for Smartphone, API and DMX (in project), all these modern controls are part of the many advantages of water vapor fireplace inserts


To round up on the advantages of water vapor fireplace inserts

An electric steam fireplace with its real cold flames meets the needs of modern decoration. Without imposing any constraints on its users, it solves all safety and environmental problems since it is operated with tap water. It is a modern fireplace that can be controlled with a Smartphone, a home automation application or a remote control. The water vapor fireplace allows decorative fire to return to the cities. The phoenix rises from its ashes!

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