Bio ethanol burner insert for decorative fireplace

How to choose a bio ethanol burner insert for decorative fireplace? AFIRE ethanol burners allow you to install modern and trendy ventless fireplaces. Contemporary decor is no longer cluttered with immovable objects that invade the entire room like traditional wood or gas fireplaces. Modern fire spaces are installed with inserts that blend into the decor. The ethanol burner insert for decorative fireplaces will be automatic and remote-controlled and equipped with all the safety devices. The objective of fire designing is a constant renewal of decorating living spaces.


Bio ethanol burner insert for decorative fireplace, choosing a custom design

This design has taken over our home and it’s very good. Rather than the closed cocooning, we enjoy the cozy comfort that opens up to the world, and which is constantly renewing. For a long time now, the fireplace has no longer been a means of heating or lighting but HAPPINESS. The bio ethanol burner insert for decorative fireplaces surfs on this trend. It is easy to install and use. You must of course choose an automatic, remote-controlled insert or a bio ethanol burner with active safety devices. Interior decorators and designers can then create your personalized fireplace that will perfectly adapt to your home.


Decorative ethanol fireplace insert


Modern fireplace and ecological design


HAPPINESS fireplace


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Modern decorative fireplaces, the choice of happiness and simplicity

Fire has always been an element of comfort and pleasure. The modern decorative fireplace should absolutely be simple to use. We no longer imagine the complicated urban fire with endless chores. Contemporary fireplaces no longer create dirt and unbreathable air. It no longer pollutes or fills your home with smoke. The pleasure fireplace can be perfectly controlled. It runs on renewable fuel. It is completely secure and can be used every day. In short, the pleasure fireplace is perfectly combined with modern decor and home improvement. AFIRE bio ethanol fireplace and burner insert perfectly meets these criteria of decorative fireplaces and happiness of fire.

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