The AFIRE eco-friendly water vapor fireplace for houses, apartments, or public places is totally respectful of the environment. It only uses water and emits only water vapor. This water vapor is disinfected (air and water) by virucidal and bactericidal UV-C lamps. Unlike all other fireplace inserts, the AFIRE steam fireplace does not produce unburnt gases which are harmful to health. It’s the first eco-friendly water vapor fireplace with real cold flames.

The electric water vapor fireplace insert is 100% respectful of the environment

Respecting the environment is now a vital need. Polluting fossil combustible can be replaced by renewable energy. What could be better than water? The 3D AFIRE electric fireplaces only use tap water to create a real flame. But how does a water vapor fireplace work? Simply with water and light. The water is converted into ultrafine cold vapor by ultrasonic waves and directed toward an emitter. This vapor is then mixed with another source of fresh air and illuminated from below. The technique of mixing the vapor, the air, and the light is patented by AFIRE. This ”combustion” does not produce any pollution and does not emit any dangerous gases. The electric water vapor fireplace insert is certainly the most eco-friendly fireplace which is more respectful of the environment than any fireplace with real flames.


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Eco-friendly water vapor fireplace for houses, apartments, and public places

In the construction and renovation sectors, an obligation to go green is becoming a major driver of ecological change. In apartments or passive homes, in dwellings designed to be respectful of the environment, the water vapor green fireplace is getting lots of buzz! But it is the same for public spaces in the hospitality sector. Combining the 100% safety of a cold flame and the ecological and environmentally responsible character, the AFIRE electric water fireplace is acclaimed by both design and decoration professionals.

The construction sector is moving ahead with the arrival of the passive house, the bioclimatic house, but also of low energy use houses. This is also the case with community dwellings and public reception areas which are increasingly using ecologically responsible materials. This ecological transition is an obligation for the climate but also an opportunity for new concepts. The 3D steam fireplace is the eco-friendly fireplace par excellence!
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