A modern innovative fireplace blend the high-tech concept of an automatic ethanol burner with electronic control, home automation and security elements. The major innovation of ventless ethanol fireplaces in the world of fire is now well accepted. However, this new type of fireplace must absolutely meet the modern requirements of use. This is especially true when it comes to fire. The integration of modern knowledge into this concept is crucial for the safety and ease of use of this product. A modern innovative fireplace or ethanol burner insert in the AFIRE range gives its users real satisfaction through the daily use of a modern fire space. Decorative fire becomes a pleasure, an element of well-being and design accessible to all types of homes.

Modern innovative fireplace

AFIRE Innovative Fireplace: A Significant and Decisive Step Forward for Users

Ventless ethanol fireplaces did not acquire its reputation until after the appearance of electronic models. An AFIRE innovative fireplace is not just a pot or tank filled with alcohol that is ignited with a lighter (like manual bio fireplaces). It is a hearth with an automatic and remote-controlled innovative ethanol burner insert that transforms the design of a room and that gives its users safety, comfort and ease of use.

The innovation process in the world of the fireplace meets the real expectations of users. It is necessary to be able to install a fire space everywhere, including in urban areas, all while lighting the fire at the simple touch of a button. A modern innovative fireplace must thus be unrestricted and completely secured. Through its range of modern fireplaces and smart ethanol burner inserts, AFIRE concretely responds to these expectations.





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AFIRE Sustainable and Ecological Innovation

AFIRE is a real and permanent process of innovation management. Our test and trial laboratory, together with our quality control service are at the heart of our company. Our models constantly improve and the results are tangible for our users. Completely new products are created: fireplace table, furniture with innovative ethanol burner insert, niche with built-in ethanol burner, television with fireplace, embeddable wall-mounted fireplace, etc.

However, a AFIRE modern innovative fireplace is also a fireplace which takes into account the ecological concerns of users. Bioethanol is a renewable energy. The new generations resulting from the degradation of plant residues are a real breakthrough in this field. Innovation is also a change in the eco-responsible attitude of all market players to satisfy consumers.

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