The term ”modern high-end fireplace” has changed in the XXI century. Nowadays, the concepts of luxury and functionality are changing very rapidly. To be aligned with the times, the contemporary fireplace must be ecological and must work with renewable energy. It can be placed in any decor and in any setting. It is easy to use and has no constraints for the user. It’s a disruptive fireplace compared to its old role in heating and previously in cooking. In short, the modern high-end fireplace is a decorative fireplace, a real pleasure that works by simply pushing a button (on a remote control, app, etc.).

What does “eco-friendly modern high-end fireplace” mean?

What should one understand when one speaks of an ecological fireplace? The answer is simple: the fire must be clean and take into account our environmental concerns. In fact, the use of fossil or polluting fuels is no longer appropriate. On the other hand, it’s harder and harder to tolerate smoke, soot particles, and unburnt gases. It’s not only a question of cleanness but also of health for all families and in all habitats. A modern high-end fireplace is an eco-friendly fireplace which can be incorporated in our lifestyle without polluting it.


Eco-friendly fireplace without air pollution


High-tech high-end fireplace


Safety and ease of use


Constraints !

What are the types of decorative and designer modern high-end fireplaces?

How does one install a contemporary decorative and designer fireplace? There are two types of devices which fulfill these criteria: the electric fireplace and the ethanol fireplace.
When we speak of a modern high-end fireplace, the electric water vapor fireplace is really the most ecological option. In fact, a 3D steam insert only uses tap water. On the other hand, a patented UV-C lamp system disinfects the air and water of these devices. The vapor, illuminated by LEDs, creates flames which are impressive in their realism and beauty. Furthermore, this modern designer water vapor fireplace can be installed practically anywhere without any limitations, in a completely safe manner. The success of these 3D hearths is more and more apparent.
In any case, if one wants to consider the aspect of gentle heat, you should opt for a decorative ethanol burner insert. In fact, spending an evening by the fireside in front of a designer fireplace is a pleasure without equal. Just as bioethanol burner inserts can be installed in all designs, one can imagine one’s hearth in any decorative style. There is no doubt, the pleasant fireplace has a bright future.
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High-end decorative water vapor fireplace