Water vapor electric fireplace with real flames

Discover the incredible advantages of the water vapor electric fireplace with real flames and light! Summer or winter, AFIRE 3D fireplace inserts create a unique atmosphere, a magical setting. These decorative water vapor fireplaces don’t emit heat. They are uniquely designed to give life and well being to your interior space. Perfect for spaces that are open to the public, AFIRE electric inserts have bactericidal and virucidal UVC LEDs to prevent the spread of pathogens that are present in stagnant water and air. They’re steam fireplaces for hotels, restaurants, trendy bars, businesses, spas, places of recreation and relaxation, etc. They’re also 3D fireplaces for families who want complete safety in their homes.

Water vapor electric fireplace with real flames & light, the adaptation of fire to modern life

But what drives this infatuation with this new type of fireplace? Modern water vapor electric fireplaces are adapted to the needs of today’s consumers. First, safety is a decisive factor. Cold-flame electric fireplaces meet this need 100%. Second, these flames of light and color blend in with any decor. Their versatility is endless. Third, AFIRE steam fireplace inserts can be controlled using any modern technology: remote control, smartphone app, smart home device (through a switch), etc. All these features clearly show that the water vapor electric fireplace with real flames is completely disruptive compared to traditional wood, gas, and ethanol fireplaces. It’s completely revolutionizing the fireplace industry.


Completely safe




Modern, sustainable and versatile


Constraints !

Water vapor electric fireplaces and inserts with real flames, a vision in sustainable design

Sustainable design is becoming a reality in today’s world. This environmentally friendly approach considers the aesthetic and functionality of everyday objects. This major trend pushes us to improve existing products or even rethink them completely. The water vapor fireplace insert is a typical example of these modern sustainably designed fireplaces. New fireplaces are losing their heating aspect to become purely decorative features. Their flames are perfectly real yet made of water and light. Since they no longer emit heat, they no longer pose any danger of fire or burns. Additionally, using water as a “fuel” definitely makes this fireplace sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Rethink the fire with AFIRE designer decorative inserts. Rethink the fire with eco-friendly fireplaces!
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