2023 fireplace

The fireplace of 2023 is eco-friendlyl, modern and 100% safe. The decorative fire has taken precedence over the heating fire. Today, there is a clear difference between the pleasure fireplace and the pellet stoves, wood, or gas fireplaces developed for heating. Even though a heating stove makes sense in the countryside, the decorative fireplace is the norm in urban settings.
The major trend for 2023 is that eco-responsible fireplaces are becoming an intangible reality. It must be said that the fight against fine particle pollution and use of fossil fuels (gas) is now taken into account by both users and public authorities. Water vapor fireplaces, electric fireplaces and automatic and secure ethanol burner inserts are the main winners through these profound changes.

Eco-friendly modern safe fireplace

1 – The 2023 Fireplace | Absolute safety

There are two main risks when using household fire: harmful combustion gases and fire hazards. Studies have shown that wood-burning fireplaces and stoves are responsible for almost half of the exposure to carcinogens in airborne particulate matter in urban areas. This becomes more worrisome with open hearths that expel part of the combustion residue right into the home.
With the electric water vapor fireplace there is no longer any danger. A cold flame steam fireplace does not produce any dangerous gases, only ultrafine water vapor without condensation. And since the fire is cold, there is no risk of fire. The fireplace of 2023 is eco-friendly, modern and 100% safe. It can be installed anywhere, private residences or places open to the public.

2023 water vapor fireplace

2 – 2023 fireplaces | Modern and simple

Time is precious in today’s world. We prefer to avoid non-essential or undesirable tasks. For AFIRE, a modern fireplace means an unlimited fireplace that can be enjoyed every day. No major installation work, no hassle of refueling with wood or gas, no tedious lighting, extinguishing or cleaning. The inventiveness and technology of a contemporary AFIRE fireplace in place of the limited traditional wood or gas fireplace. The 2023 fireplaces have connectivity and ease of use. You control the fire by pressing a button, that’s all!


Modernity and simplicity


Eco-responsible & eco-friendly fireplaces




Constraints !

3 – The 2023 Fireplace | Ecology and sustainable development

The ecological problem with traditional wood or gas fireplaces is that their combustion is incomplete. They release gases, soot and fine particles that pollute the atmosphere. There are of course differences between a wood-burning fireplace that produces a lot of fine particles, (a flare-up can produce as many particles as driving 3,500 km in a diesel vehicle), and a gas fireplace which uses polluting fossil energy, (incorrect settings can lead to the production of very dangerous carbon monoxide). All traditional fireplaces generate pollution and even more so, open hearths that eject unburned gases and particles into the home.
Ventless fireplaces (electric fireplaces and ethanol burners) are however the real solutions to avoid polluting. Indeed, electric fireplaces do not emit CO2, carbon monoxide or dangerous unburned gases. Unfortunately, the flames of these devices are very often unconvincing. Water vapor fireplaces with cold flames are the ideal eco-friendly electric fireplaces. They combine the beauty of truly realistic flames with the advantage of perfect harmlessness, (no pollution, no risk of fire). Bio-ethanol burners have a so-called “perfect” combustion, (without emissions), and use a renewable energy source.

2023, a year of change in the world of fireplaces

In conclusion, we can say that the 2023 fireplace is more decorative than for heating. It takes into account sustainable development and user concerns in terms of safety and ease of use. It avoids as much as possible the chores of refueling and time-consuming preparation, cleaning and maintenance.

Eco-friendly, modern and 100% safe fireplaces