Built-in water vapor fireplace

The built-in water vapor fireplace insert is truly the most beautiful of electric fireplaces. It is the only one that gives real cold flames. It is a high-end designer fireplace that can be installed in all trendy spaces, hotels, restaurants, bars and places that receive the public. And it is also a 3D fireplace insert that can be installed in any family living room. There is no more fear. The flames consist of water vapor and so, they are completely cold.

Why buy a high-end built-in water vapor fireplace insert?

This design has become an indispensable part of our life. Fire renders our home décor lively. The water vapor fireplace that is built into a niche on the wall, a piece of furniture or masonry will absolutely have realistic flames.
The electric fireplace insert is often criticized. Here we are talking about fake fireplaces. It is true that these products suffer from a poor image. We tend to think that all these items are low-end models that poorly imitate the beauty of the flames.
This is why the high-end water vapor fireplace insert offers real opportunities for interior designers to create luxury fire spaces. The flames are beautiful and very real, they can change into extraordinary colors. AFIRE 3D water vapor inserts have really given acclaim to electric fireplaces.


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Built-in water vapor fireplace insert, the ideal solution for safety

When we talk about an AFIRE high-end electric water vapor fireplace insert, we immediately think of safety. It is true that this 3D steam fireplace with real flames solves many problems. For families who want to install a fire space in their living room or in a bedroom, this is the perfect solution. Total safety. There’s no danger. The flames are cold and there is no flue gas unlike all other fireplaces. We can let the children play in front of the fire as there is no danger!
And it is also the secure solution for all public places. It is very rare that the regulations authorize a fire point in hotels, restaurants, bar, spas, shops, etc. With the water vapor fireplace solution, all of these facilities can install a user-friendly fire space. We can even connect these high-end fireplace inserts to water networks to make them completely autonomous fireplace models.
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Built-in water vapor fireplace insert