Choosing an ethanol fireplace: how should you choose a ventless bioethanol fireplace? The file that we will show you today includes tips and tricks, as well as practical safety information to choose your bio fireplace. What are the advantages compared to traditional fireplaces? What kind of safety measures should you expect? Choosing an ethanol fireplace: why is it absolutely necessary to choose a bioethanol burner with automatic ignition and electronic sensors? What are the different types of devices that are available? Which one is best for you? A wall fireplace, a floor fireplace, an embeddable fireplace, a removable ethanol fireplace, a fireplace table or a central fireplace? What is the difference between a ready-to-place fireplace and an ethanol burner? All the answers are here below to help you make the right choice.

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Why Choose a Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Over a Wood-burning Fireplace

The answer mostly has to do with the constraints involved. Choosing a bio-ethanol fireplace is having the possibility of installing the fireplace in any type of housing unit. Unlike wood or gas-burning fireplaces, bio-fireplaces do not require any exhaust vent for its smoke. When burning, bioethanol does not produce any smoke. We must also consider the difficulties of storing and sourcing firewood. If you live in an apartment or a house devoid of any drainage pipe, choosing an ethanol fireplace is a modern, classy and constraint-free solution.

Choosing an ethanol fireplace: what are the Different Types of Bio-fireplaces?

A bio fireplace is not just a small classy decorative object. Since placing a vent is not necessary, it gives total freedom to designers. Of course, you can choose a wall or corner fireplace, but there are also new fire-objects with different designs available, such as table ethanol fireplaces, central ventless fireplaces, furniture fireplaces, etc.

Is There Such a Thing as an Ecological Bio-ethanol Fireplace that Provides Heating?

If you want to install a fireplace as your main means of heating, the bio-ethanol fireplace is not for you. Of course, it produces flames, and thus heat. However, this fireplace is better used as an intermittent heat source for chilly spring or fall days. For heat, you are better off with wood or gas-burning fireplaces (which will require you to build a vent). On the other hand, the term “ecological fireplace” is not necessarily an exaggeration if you use the new types of bioethanol which come from plant waste, algae or other sources that do not enter into any competition with the food supply. In all cases, bio-fireplaces have a carbon balance of zero. As such, we can indeed talk about a fireplace operating using renewable energy.


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Why is it Necessary to Choose a Smart Remote-controlled Ethanol Fireplace with Electronic Safety Sensors?

All devices that use a fuel and produce flames must absolutely be equipped with safety features. Choosing an ethanol fireplace: it is imperative to choose an bioethanol burner that ensures safety. No manual bio fireplace is equipped with electronic detectors which prevent a hot fireplace from being filled with fuel. No manual fireplace insert is equipped with an automatic stop in case of anomaly, with a CO² sensor or with a filling horn to prevent overflow. Stay away from these devices without safety measures!
What’s more, systems that add ease of use are simpler and more practical. We should note that distance controls (remote control, control by smartphone, etc.) also keep users from having to bring their hands up to the fire when igniting it.

Choosing an Ethanol Fireplace or a Bio Burner?

The choice of a fireplace or an automatic remote-controlled embedded ethanol burner insert depends on your desire for customization. If you do not want to have much work carried out, choose a ready-to-install ethanol fireplace. There are many different models with a variety of designs and dimensions. However, if you want to install a television fireplace set or if you want to embed an ethanol insert into the ground or in a piece of furniture, then a remote-controlled ethanol burner is for you.

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