Ethanol burner insert for renovation or interior design

An ethanol burner insert for renovation or interior design will allow you to install a custom fireplace to give your home a new look. If you just bought a house or apartment, the new interior décor is your primary concern in terms of everyday comfort. Numerous questions arise, including how to create a fireplace. With its line of bioethanol burners for renovation or interior design, AFIRE will allow you to install a fire space without constraints. Nevertheless, you must take great care in planning these renovations.

Ethanol Burner insert for Renovation or Custom Interior Design

Who will design your fireplace? Who will take care of the renovation or installation? In our opinion, the most effective solution is often to hire a craftsman, a fireplace specialist, or a professional decorator. They will be able to help you design and execute your new fireplace with much less stress. Do you want to renovate an old fireplace and give it a new look by installing a bio ethanol burner for an existing fireplace? Do you want to create a contemporary fireplace in a living room? Either way, you can find your unit in AFIRE’s line of ethanol burner inserts for renovation or interior design.


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High-end ethanol fireplace with customized design


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Constraints !

Automatic and remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert to create a functional fireplace

After choosing your custom design, you will need to plan the renovation or the installation of your fireplace. This will be much easier with your chosen professional. Understand that renovating a room or installing custom décor depends on the extent of the work you decide to do. Nevertheless, it generally only takes a few hours to install a bio ethanol burner insert in a fireplace. Again, a professional decorator or a fireplace professional will be able to give you exact time frames.
Interior décor and design play a key role in your comfort. They determine the harmony of your house or apartment. Installing a functional fireplace gives life to your interior space. In these times of confinement and self-isolation, it isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Long live the makeover!

To help you choose the look of your fireplace, here’s a useful link for decoration ideas and ethanol burner insert installation on Pinterest.

Ethanol burner insert for home improvement