An AFIRE automatic, remote-controlled high-end ethanol burner insert lets you install a luxury decorative fireplace in your home or business. As a symbol of a warm and friendly atmosphere, you can now enjoy a fire in the city with the high-end decorative fireplace that requires no installation of a chimney duct.

High-end ethanol burner insert

Luxury high-end ethanol burner with personalized design


When speaking of the luxury of an ethanol burner, there are three essential points: design and installation possibilities, electronic security and control elements. For your interior design, the AFIRE high-end remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert offers limitless design possibilities: luxury, prestige customized fireplace, fireplace installed next to or below a television, tabletop fireplace with an integrated high-end ethanol burner, alcove in a wall with an automatic remote-controlled insert, etc.

For your living space to be welcoming, comfortable and stylish, personalization is a decisive factor. Interior architects, designers and home and business professionals are the best people to create your fire-space with an AFIRE high-end ethanol burner. Coming up with a living space with a customized fireplace that matches the overall style of your home is a job for decorators and designers. Living design will let you feel comfortable in your space. A decorative luxury, customized fireplace with a remote-controlled AFIRE high-end ethanol burner insert is a must-have that will bring your living room to life.


High-end remote controlled bio ethanol burner insert


Luxury decorative stylish fireplaces


High-tech safeties


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Luxury stylish fireplace

AFIRE luxury fireplace: the well-being of an ecological decorative fire


Fireplaces are an accessible luxury with the AFIRE high-end ventless fireplaces. The magic of fire provides extraordinary living atmospheres. Being able to install them anywhere (including in urban areas) offers new perspectives in the world of modern decoration. Flames create a sensation of well-being and relaxation. But fire also stimulates the mind. Dreaming by a fire brings new imagination. Give yourself the magic of fire!

Luxury decorative stylish fireplaces are also ecological. They use bioethanol, a modern, renewable fuel that only emits the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that it took from it. The AFIRE high-end ethanol burner insert has all the qualities to win over those who love new concepts. They are devices that combine modernity with simple and safe operation using renewable energy. Decorating with fire has become eco-friendly!






Bio Ethanol Burner

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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