Fireplace and television: a new design idea for your house. The installation of a bio ethanol fireplace near a television in the living room of an apartment or house is becoming increasingly common with the advent of ventless ethanol fireplaces. The advantage of the solution lies in the creativity of the design, which can be customized without limits and adapt to your “life style” and the atmosphere of your interior decoration. 


Television and ventless bio ethanol fireplace 

Fireplace and television : a customized match with personalized electronic burner inserts

All-in-one solutions and mass marketing for ready-to-install fireplaces are no longer appropriate for our modern times. A whole range of contemporary fireplaces can today be customized to fit your space. The crossing of effective technical solutions with personalized design makes possible the decoration of your indoor space, including the installation of a fireplace next to or below a television. Sharing in fire’s well-being with the attractiveness of a screen is now possible, without the constraints of an overly-complicated installation. The pleasure of fire matches perfectly a good TV program; both are perfectly compatible in our modern world. Fireplace and television sounds a good idea.


Creating exceptional scenography for the world of fire: a challenge for Designers

For fireplace and television, the rules of decoration are changing and the vision of the creators is increasingly necessary to enlighten the house fashion. In all cases the differentiation is in the center of stylish trends. The interior designers have now the possibility of creating fire spots which are wholly distinct from undifferentiated traditional fireplaces. The installation of new living spaces become possible with the use of automatic bio ethanol burner inserts to embed which do not require the installation of an exhaust duct of smokes. In a few time it is now possible to create a constraint-free personalized hearth and install it close to your high-tech objects as flat screens, computers, etc. In our contemporary globalized world, the fire is reborn of its ashes.


BL100 ethanol burner AFIRE


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