Installing a fireplace in the city or in an apartment

With AFIRE electric water vapor fireplaces, installing a fireplace in the city or an apartment is always possible and it can be done anywhere. These cold flame 3D steam fireplaces are completely safe (unlike all other hot flame inserts). It is a huge advantage for urban households and public establishments, Safety First! In addition, a water vapor fireplace, unlike all others, does not emit any toxic combustion gases. This is because the water vapor fireplace uses only water as “fuel”. It’s truly an eco-friendly fire. The 3D electric inserts are therefore the ideal solution to install a fireplace in the city or in an apartment.

Water vapor fireplace inserts meet the safety needs of urban dwellings and public places

Nowadays, it is very difficult to install a fire place in an urban set-up. Indeed, the safety standards are very strict. Wood and gas are mostly prohibited by the co-ownership by-laws. And even if this is not the case, it is very difficult to get the fuel delivered. Also, the insurances are very strict with regard to the installation of a fireplace in an apartment.
And it is also a personal safety issue. Families do not wish to endanger their children and those who are vulnerable. AFIRE electric water vapor fireplace insert solves all these problems. Nowadays, with these devices, it is possible to install a fireplace in an apartment or a town house without any safety concern. After all, the flames are cold and real!


Totally safe cold water vapor fire


Eco-friendly fireplace with no toxic gas emissions


UVC air and water disinfection against dangerous viruses and bacteria!


Dangers !

Installing a fireplace in the city or in an apartment AFIRE eco-friendly fireplace insert

Have you ever seen water burning? It is the leitmotiv of the AFIRE communication campaign. Yes, a water vapor insert is an eco-friendly environmentally sustainable fireplace. It only consumes tap water. It is also the most cost-effective fireplace in the market in terms of operating costs: for a 100 cm (40 in) insert, 4 liters of water for 24 hours of use.

But the most important thing is the health impact of these 3D inserts. In fact, unlike all other hot flame fireplaces, the water vapor fireplace or steam fireplace does not release any dangerous combustion gases. The flame is made of ultra-fine vapor that does not condense on the walls and it does not form any untimely humidity. Moreover, this flame is totally disinfected (99.99%) by the UVC virucidal and bactericidal lamps that are installed (AFIRE patented) within the air and water tanks. Today, installing a fireplace in a city apartment is quite possible. Redefine fire!
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Water vapor fireplace for apartment