An automatic and secure AFIRE remote controlled bio ethanol burner insert allows you to install a stylish fireplace or to equip your old or existing fireplace. If you want to create a ventless fireplace in an apartment or a townhouse, the long ethanol burner is certainly the best solution. If you want to modernize an old fireplace, the remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert for existing fireplace is the ideal solution. In all cases, a bioethanol insert is a flexible and modern solution to install a contemporary fireplace.

Remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert for existing fireplace

Why use a smart remote-controlled bio ethanol burner to create a modern fireplace?

To blow a fresh wind into your living room or living space, the smart embeddable remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert is a solution that combines both simplicity and modernity. In fact, it allows you to install a stylish ventless fireplace by embedding a fireplace insert. Just choose your decoration and insert the automatic combustion block. The possibilities are endless. Design professionals have seized on this new decoration method and are now offering very innovative fire spaces. Televisions and ethanol fireplaces, for example, are a set that is today often used in living rooms. However, there is also the fireplace table, the insert embedded in a wall recess, the remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert installed in a stylish decorative space, etc. The different sceneries in which fire appears have become countless and very unexpected.

The remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert range for existing or old fireplaces

If you have a fireplace but do not have the opportunity to get wood delivered, or if your vent no longer works, the stylish insert for existing fireplace is a very attractive solution. The ADD range’s remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert for existing or old fireplaces (there are several dimensions and colors) is installed directly in the fireplace. The sleepy living room fireplace is once again alive. Just fill the tank and press the remote control button to start the flames.

Design Idea!!!

Some decorators use the ADD collection to install ventless fireplaces with antique fireplace mantels. This is an original solution that combines the modernity of an automatic remote-controlled ADD ethanol insert and a stylish fireplace mantel. These are some very original creations!!!


Remote Controlled Fire


Design Fire


Secured Flames


Contraintes !

Stylish and decorative fire for interior architecture

For interior designers, an ethanol fireplace is the ideal solution to reintroduce the idea of the pleasure of fire in the modern habitat, which is very often urban. Often absent from cities for reasons related to the constraints of their installation, use or maintenance, decorative chimneys are now back in style. They offer a new life to interior spaces and allow for very original decoration. The automatic remote-controlled bio ethanol fireplace is a true differentiation tool for interior architects.

Don’t use manual ethanol burners!!!

It is absolutely imperative to select electronic and remote-controlled ethanol burner inserts with automatic flame-cutting devices in case of abnormal operation.

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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