XXL fireplace water vapor

How to install a XXL Fireplace?

Installing a XXL fireplace in a home or an apartment has become simple. Marketing of bio ethanol burner inserts or 3D water vapor fireplaces makes it possible to implement all XXL fireplace projects. In fact, if you live in an apartment or a townhouse, the trend is to have a very wide fireplace. The decorative fireplace has significantly changed to adapt to our vision and our desires of decor. The new 3D water vapor fireplace inserts or XXL ethanol burners allow designers to create fire ribbons with limitless designs. We can now redesign fire in the cities. A fire that is 100% safe.


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Large ethanol burner insert


Innovative 3D water vapor electric fireplaces with adjustable colored cold flames


Constraints !

XXL ethanol burner inserts, 120, 150, 180 cm and more

How to create a line of fire? The new AFIRE XXL ethanol burner inserts allow to make fire ribbons of all lengths. There are one-piece fireplaces of 100, 120, 150 and 180 cm. To make them bigger, you have to assemble inserts of the MODULO range. You will then be able to create XXL ethanol burner inserts of 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325 cm etc. Of course, even for long lengths they are able to create an uninterrupted line of fire.

XXL bioethanol fireplace is very trendy. However, these fireplace inserts must be installed in large rooms. With this automatic, remote-controlled ethanol burner insert, interior designers have a very powerful decoration tool. There are no more limits to creativity.

XXL ethanol burner insert

The XXL water vapor electric fireplace is creating a buzz

Many people wonder if the cold flames of a water vapor fireplace are real. We can tell you that yes, as the effect is striking. These flames are incredible! The 3D water vapor electric fireplace not only has cold flames but you can also change their colors. They are not fake flames from a fake fireplace. They are real, perfectly real flames made of vapors and lights. For all interior decorators it’s a real godsend. Being able to create a XXL fireplace with adjustable 3D vapor inserts is a great opportunity. Fireplaces can be installed absolutely everywhere, there is no heat, so no danger. It is also interesting to note that these 3D fireplaces are environmentally friendly and economical and that they consume only water!
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