The XXL ethanol burner insert gives interior design a new ability to use fire in the field of decoration. This offering is restoring urban fireplaces to their former glory. The modernity of an automatic ethanol fireplace allows for new fire space ideas, no matter your type of home. The idea of a ventless fireplace equipped with a remote-controlled XXL ethanol burner insert gives decorators infinite design possibilities. The offering has been extended with modern devices that can be simply and quickly embedded into all kinds of decorations. Only one obligation: it is absolutely imperative to choose an automatic device with electronic security sensors and remote-control systems.

XXL ethanol burner insert

AFIRE: A Premium Offering for Remote-Controlled Ethanol Burners

AFIRE is a whole range of ethanol burner inserts for modern fireplaces at the cutting edge of innovation. Indeed, automatic bio inserts are the best solution to create a custom fire space. Adaptable and flexible, it blends into any type of decoration. No matter what style you are looking for, you will always find the device to suit your installation. From inserts for old or existing fireplaces to XXL ethanol burner insert, AFIRE’s range of products was designed to meet all needs:

40 to 100 cm BL bio insert range

120 to 180 cm BX bioethanol insert range

Modulo flexible bio inserts for very large fire spaces (over 200 cm).

BC decorative range with round or square bio inserts

And, finally, ADD ethanol burner insert range for existing fireplaces.








Constraints !

XXL Ethanol Burner Insert: Essential Safety

Remote-controlled XXL ethanol burner inserts are fashionable. Sales are increasing and it must be said that these inserts are very attractive to create long fireplaces. But why should an XL ethanol burner be absolutely equipped with electronic safety sensors that automatically halt the combustion unit in case of malfunction? The answer is simple. The XXL ethanol burner insert has a large tank that must be totally secure as large quantities of bioethanol cannot be kept in contact with a flame.

It should be added that the ignition of a large ethanol fireplace must absolutely be automatic to avoid physically approaching the fire. AFIRE develops modern fireplaces that meet these safety requirements. This feature truly is a very important technological advancement. Indeed, unlike manual ethanol burners, the electronic combustion unit has a separate reservoir and burner. This is a crucial point, because if several liters of hot ethanol are lit with a manual insert, only a few centiliters burn in the XXL electronic ethanol burner insert’s combustion unit.

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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