Advance & Prestige water vapor fireplace inserts

Advance and Prestige water vapor fireplace inserts: the AFIRE new ranges. It is a revolution at AFIRE, new collections have arrived! The Advance and Prestige ranges were created from the new AFIRE patents and will most certainly change the landscape of stakeholders in the distribution of decorative fireplaces. With extended functionality, the Advance and Prestige ranges benefit from a new design that offers the advantage of flush mounting. Access to the touch control buttons and fillings are now located on the top of the unit.

Advance & Prestige water vapor fireplace inserts, an extraordinary fire

The look of the device has really changed. The flush mounting of the water vapor insert allows interior designers a more fluid design. Besides, it is not necessary to create ventilation grids on the sides of the frame, unlike all the other devices (AFIRE patented). These enhancements are the result of improvements that have been made to the unit’s functionality, including UVC disinfection of air and water tanks. We can truly say that the new AFIREWATERâ„¢ Advance and Prestige ranges of water vapor fireplace inserts are at the cutting edge of technology and design.

AWPR 60-150 3D electric fireplace
AWPR 120-300 XXL water vapor fireplace insert


New flush mounting


Eco-firendly fireplace


Total safety with cold flame fireplaces


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Advance and Prestige, 100% secure, eco-friendly fire ranges

The Advance & Prestige water vapor fireplace inserts are a great tool for designing.
The professionals are looking for ranges that can be easily installed in their creations with 100% safety. This applies to cold flame electric water vapor fireplaces that do not give off any heat. They can therefore be installed anywhere without any safety concerns, whether in an apartment or a private house or a public place.
Moreover, the flames are very beautiful and realistic. There is nothing for designers to fear about fake fireplace effects. Who can tell the difference between these extraordinary flames and a wood fire! Lastly, the Advance and Prestige lines of fireplaces are environmentally friendly. They work with water and light. They do not emit any harmful gases or consume any fuel!
Redefine fire with AFIRE!
ADVANCE water vapor fireplaces
PRESTIGE water vapor fireplaces

Remote controlled water vapor fireplace insert

New Advance and Prestige collections, the future of fireplaces

The future belongs to freestanding fireplace inserts. Our way of life no longer allows us to spend our time on fuel supply, fire starting, cleaning and maintenance. On the other hand, the modern consumer is looking for environmentally friendly fireplaces that do not emit dangerous gases. They look for 100% secure cold flame fireplaces. Advance & Prestige water vapor fireplace inserts offer all these advantages.

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