Decorative fireplace trend

The decorative fireplace trend in homes and public spaces is becoming a very popular idea. Of course, the flames must be completely safe and their case ultra-designed. Additionally, this idea of a decorative fireplace means that it must be usable year-round. We understand that a fireplace at a hotel or restaurant must be able to operate during all seasons, 365 days a year. But what fireplaces and inserts meet this demand?

The water vapor fireplace insert, a favorite in the world of design

The water vapor fireplace or 3D electric fireplace insert perfectly meets designer standards. The first thing to keep in mind is safety. A water vapor insert is a fireplace with cold flames. We can thus guarantee 100% safety. The second thing is the flexibility in installing these units. They can be built in anywhere. Thirdly, it’s their environment, in every sense of the word. In fact, an electric water vapor fireplace doesn’t need any fuel other than tap water. Additionally, it doesn’t give off any gas, so there is no air pollution. Finally, it must be said that the flames are real. The decorative fireplace trend has a place in upscale design.


Fireplace for hotels, restaurants, and any public place


Exclusive decorative fireplace trend


Design flexibility


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Decorative ethanol fireplace, everything, right now

With the decorative bioethanol fireplace trend, proponents of “everything, right now” will be delighted. There is no installation work. Just choose the model that meets your expectations. Modern and refined, automatic ethanol fireplaces adapt to practically any style of interior décor. Wall-mounted ethanol fireplace, table fireplace, built-in fireplace, vessel fireplace, all units are automatic and have every electronic security feature. Fire décor has never been easier!

Ethanol fireplace insert trend

Decorative fireplace trend: the automatic ethanol burner

The advantage of the smart ethanol burner insert is that it truly adapts to any situation. Completely safe due to its electronic sensors, it is installed hassle-free. The flames are truly magnificent and emit a cozy warmth. The decorative fireplace trend takes on its full meaning with these models. Small bioethanol burners to XXL inserts allow interior designers to install their fireplaces with the right design for the style of the home. Additionally, the ethanol burner doesn’t need a vent because there is no smoke. It’s truly the contemporary, hassle-free fireplace for the busy city dwellers we are.
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Designer ethanol burner insert