AFIRE’s range of ethanol fireplaces for apartments and townhouses offers the possibility of installing a ventless smart fireplace in any urban area. The pleasure of fire is now a reality in modern homes, which are often concentrated in cities. An ethanol fireplace for apartment and home can take any shape. It can be installed without a vent in any room of the home. It is a smart and secured fireplace that can be turned on with the simple press of a button. Home fire is making a comeback!

Ethanol Fireplaces for Apartments and Townhouses

Ethanol Fireplaces for Apartments and Townhouses: The Smart Fire Revolution

Year after year, the smart fireplace is replacing more and more ranges of traditional fireplaces. This new trend can be explained by many different factors. The most important of these is certainly the fact that the modern consumer avoids constraints. Installing an ethanol fireplace for apartment or townhouse does not require any vent.
Equipped with a remote-controlled, smart and secured ethanol burner insert, these new fire points are revolutionizing the world of home fire. Why? Because they are adapted to the modern lifestyle. Urban home fire can be turned on an off easily, and it can be used daily, without any constraint. Smart ethanol fireplaces for apartments and townhouses are the fruit of our times, they meets our expectations of comfort through an invisible but omnipresent technology.


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News About Ethanol Burner Inserts for Apartments or Townhouses

There is an increasing number of new fireplace products. Many trends in the same direction: that of customization. The automatic ethanol burner insert for apartment or townhouse allows for the installation of a fire space that can be integrated in your existing decoration. Invisible technology, security at all levels and ease of use, all of these elements connect the fireplace to its time. With the bio ethanol burner insert, the pleasure of fire is back in town.
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