3D flame water vapor fireplace

A 3D Flame Water Vapor Fireplace Insert is 100% secure. But why is it so important? Nowadays in urban spaces, in towers and buildings, in townhouses, safety standards are drastic. All real fireplaces, even if they are secure, can start a fire. The electric fireplace with cold flames is the only one (with electric fireplaces of course) to be able to boast of this important advantage: 100% safety.

3D Flame Water Vapor Fireplace Insert –100% Fireplace Safety

Why and how is an AFIRE 3D flame water vapor fireplace 100% secure? The safety of fireplaces and fire is all the more problematic as the slightest incident can have dramatic consequences. Fire is part of our life. But controlling hot flames has always been a problem. Every year, many accidents related to use of hot flames are deplored. Would it be proper for fireplaces to be considered irreparably dangerous?

With the new electric water vapor fireplace inserts, the situation has changed. These cold and colorful fireplaces do not heat up. The fire is made up of ultra-fine water vapor and light. The effect is striking. The flames are sublimated. They are even more beautiful and magical than those of a wood fire. And of course, it is a cold fire without any danger. This revolution in modern fireplace design opens up many perspectives for the world of design. The water vapor fireplace insert can always be installed in all living spaces, even the most sensitive from a safety point of view.


Inserts and fireplace with cold flames


Fireplace without any harmful gas


100% fireplace safety


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3D Flame Water Vapor Fireplace Inserts for hotels, restaurants and public places

In the field of security, places open to the public are subject to very strict standards. A fire with hot flames is most often prohibited. The coming of the 3D water vapor fireplace insert has completely changed decoration habits. The hospitality sector can now be equipped. The fireplace for hotels and restaurants is now in the spirit of the times. Cold flame fire decoration brings life to public spaces. There are fireplaces in spas, shops, shopping malls and all places where it would have been unthinkable to install a hot fire. With the 3D flame water vapor fireplace, designers and interior design specialists are rethinking fire. Fireplace safety is 100%.
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