The use of a remote controlled AFIRE smart bio ethanol fireplace with remote control is no longer a seasonal winter pleasure, unlike the use of a traditional wood or gas fireplace. Disconnected from the heating function, bio ethanol fireplaces are a source of wellness and style in living rooms, in all seasons. In a modern and very often urbanized environment, the ventless ethanol fireplace revolution gives creators new design ideas. The pleasure of the flames is no longer reserved solely for the dead of winter. With the use of a remote controlled AFIRE smart bio ethanol fireplace, evenings by the fireside can be shared in all seasons, without vents and without constraints. Fire spaces are transformed and have, once again, penetrated into the urban environment.

AFIRE smart bio ethanol fireplace with remote control

Why has the use of a smart ethanol fireplace changed our relationship with fire?

New consumption methods have changed our habits. What about the world of fireplaces? In fact, as everywhere, we are witnessing the creation of entirely new objects. We should understand that modern users no longer have the same needs. The use of a remote controlled AFIRE smart bio ethanol fireplace no longer has anything to do with the limitations of older wood or gas models. Modern consumers want simple objects that are easy to use in a modern environment. No more troublesome installation, no more wood clean-up, no more cleaning or maintenance.

A modern fireplace works with clean energy (unlike gas) and can be controlled with the simple push of a button. It can be connected and controlled with a smartphone. It must benefit from an automatic integrated safety function. It must be able to be installed anywhere, without the need for a chimney vent. The use of an automatic ethanol fireplace must be fully secured electronically. Stay away from all manual systems, which are real dangers!


Simple Use!


Secured Use!


Smart Use!


Constraints !

Using an AFIRE smart bio ethanol fireplace: instant pleasure

Who wants to wait nowadays? Who wants to do long and expensive work to install a fireplace vent (where such a thing is even possible…)? Who can take delivery of and store wood? Who wants to spend time to light and extinguish a hearth? Who wants to clean dirt? Who wants to regularly sweep their chimney?

Why not use a ventless and constraint-free ethanol fireplace? Why not use a smart ethanol burner for chimneys, if you have a traditional fireplace that you no longer use? A modern and easy solution to enjoy the pleasure of flames, in all seasons and in complete safety. Just press on the remote control!

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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