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Will AFIRE water vapor fireplaces put an end to all others? Indeed, AFIRE’s cold-flame electric fireplace inserts with adjustable colors are currently all the rage. But will this trend last? Why this infatuation with steam fireplaces? Why do buyers prefer a built-in electric insert with real flames? Can we objectively talk about completely safe eco-friendly fireplaces? Why are hotels, restaurants, and spaces that are open to the public fond of these decorative fireplaces?

Why are AFIRE water vapor fireplaces all the rage?

Firstly, it can be said that water vapor electric fireplaces are unlike any others. Have you ever seen a fire you can stick your hands in without getting burned? Can you find other fireplaces with real cold flames that change color by pressing buttons on a remote control? Is there another decorative fireplace you can control with your smartphone? All these new features are truly amazing.

Electric steam fireplaces

How can we talk about innovative eco-friendly fireplaces?

A 3D steam fireplace that runs on tap water is innovative and amazes everyone. Water vapor fireplaces break all the rules of traditional fireplaces. We can really talk about eco-friendly fireplaces because they run on tap water and light (energy-efficient LEDs). In addition, unlike all the others, they don’t emit any toxic gas, only water vapor, which immediately evaporates in the ambient air. It must be added that this ultra-fine water vapor (a few microns) does not create condensation. How does an electric water vapor fireplace work?


Eco-friendly fireplaces that run on tap water


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Who are AFIRE water vapor fireplaces meant for?

Architects, designers, and interior decorators were the first to buy AFIRE water vapor fireplaces. They find the solution to creating fireplaces to be easy to install, eco-friendly and very trendy. Their clients are often establishments that are open to the public (hotels, restaurants, businesses, etc.) and individual consumers who are looking for something 100% safe (families with children, tall buildings, etc.). But the buzz is so significant that everyone who buys fireplaces now considers this solution.
A unit’s safety and features are major advantages, but there is one other crucial element: operating cost. An electric fireplace that runs on water is very economical and can operate continuously. This is not the case with other fireplaces. While the cost of a water vapor fireplace insert is practically nonexistent, the cost of a traditional fireplace is several thousand euros or dollars a year.
In short, we can say that even if AFIRE water vapor electric fireplaces won’t put an end to all others, their success tends to show that installing a 3D electric insert is now a particularly attractive option.
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Eco-friendly water vapor fireplace
Eco-friendly fireplace