Nowadays, which should you choose between a remote controlled electronic bio ethanol burner insert or fireplace and a traditional wood fireplace? AFIRE will answer this question by offering you selection criteria that correspond with your lifestyle, your geographical location, your free time and many other elements of comfort and design.


Bio ethanol burner or traditional fireplace


Constraints and choosing different types of fireplace

Installation constraints

If you have a home in the country with rooms that have chimneys, in a region where you have a ready supply of wood, the pleasure of a traditional fireplace will surely be easy to choose.

However, if you are not that lucky, the ventless ethanol fireplace will let you enjoy a fire without constraints in the most urban areas. Installing a chimney can be long and expensive, so the solution of a bio ethanol burner insert or fireplace is certainly the simplest solution. Also, more and more large cities and suburbs have unfortunately banned the burning of wood.

Time constraints

In a region where wood is inexpensive and delivered to you, if you have a storage area and the time to devote to supplying yourself with logs, lighting materials, cleaning and maintenance (annual cleaning), a traditional wood fire is an easy choice.

However, if you aren’t this lucky, installing an electronic bio ethanol burner insert will let you enjoy a contemporary fire with no constraints. With very easy installation, no construction work, maintenance or cleaning, no hauling logs, no soot and no odors. Also, with a simply push of a button, you can start or stop your fire 365 days per year.

Fire as pleasure or for heating

If you want to heat your home with a fireplace, the best solution in wood or pellet inserts. Indeed, a bioethanol fireplace is not meant for this use. It can still be considered as an intermittent small space heater. Opt for traditional hearths for this use.


Remote controlled ethanol burner BC50


Traditional, structural hearth or modern, modulable fireplace?

Traditional fireplace

With a traditional, wood-burning fireplace, a room is structured more or less definitively. Indeed, you can’t move a chimney! You’ll therefore need to study the location, style and construction and any other installation parameters to be built to last. Refurbishing these fireplaces is more involved in home construction or if the decoration is not likely to be changed.

Remote controlled bio ethanol burner insert: modular design

In addition to electronic controls, there are numerous electronic sensors equipped with these appliances that detect any anomalies and automatically stop the flames. AFIRE strongly recommends never using fireplaces or burners with manual lighting systems or without automatic safety detectors. These appliances are dangerous and are in no way suited for urban use.

The only thing left to do is to make a selection according to your needs, your possibilities and your desires.

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