We realize that installing a traditional fireplace to share the pleasures of fire is increasingly difficult. With the built-in AFIRE design ethanol fireplace, it is possible to create a ventless  fireplace in any type of home and environment.


Design ethanol fireplace


Urban areas: the difficulties of installing a traditional fireplace

It is a fact that it is often very problematic to install a wood or gas fireplace in a city, or in homes that do not have any vents. The only real solution is to install an ethanol burner to embed in your living space. However, these devices must be equipped with a wide variety of safety systems. Fire is not to be played with and manual ethanol fireplaces, which are simple boxes filled with alcohol, should really be prohibited. It is absolutely necessary for a set of electronic sensors to automatically manage this security. In addition, turning them on or off must be simple and safe. Remote control, on/off buttons, or control automation are the safest methods and do not require hands to be brought close to the fire.

Design Ethanol Fireplace: Long Live Designers and Imagination

The pleasure of fire with a personalized design ethanol fireplace is possible once more. Installing a built-in fireplace only takes a few minutes. The most difficult, but also the most interesting part, is to imagine the design of your fire space. If you have architectural or decorative knowledge, there are no major difficulties. However, if this is not the case, make use of the knowledge of a professional (designer, architect, interior decorator, builder, etc.) “Building pros” will give you advice and experience to create YOUR fire space.

For installation advice you can also consult our page: how to install your design ethanol fireplace with a built-in bio burner insert


Installation of a built-in bio ethanol burner insert


Daydreaming Around the Fire, Magical Moments

“We can only study what we have first dreamed”. This phrase, borrowed from Gaston Bachelard in the “Psychoanalysis of Fire”encourages us to relax, to daydream creatively around the flames of a cozy fireplace. Once the world of fire has been created, all that is left is to let go…Fire begets passion, but also well-being. This peace of mind that we so need to recharge our batteries in a modern world, where real time leaves little room for deep thoughts, or simply for daydreaming…

Treat yourself, install your fire space with AFIRE. You will fine the selection ” design ethanol fireplace ” on the page :  design remote-controlled built-in ethanol burners. Electronic inserts either custom-made or from 40 to 200cm will perfectly meet your contemporarydesign ethanol fireplace project, whatever its style and dimensions. Simple and quick, the construction of your duct-free fireplace will illuminate your evenings with family or friends ; to create this magical atmosphere of fire, you will just have to press on the remote !

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