We often hear about modern or connected objects… The coffee table with built-in ethanol fireplace meets these double criteria. Many objects in our daily life have been replaced by new products that are better suited to our increasingly urban modern environment. In the field of decoration, the coffee table with built-in bioethanol burner is the epitome of the contemporary domestic hearth. A vent-free bio fire without constraints to daily recreate the magic of fire in the living room, with the simple press of a button.

Coffee table with built-in ethanol fireplace

Coffee table with built-in ethanol fireplace: mixing conviviality and the fun of fire

Cozy living rooms where we receive friends or family often have a decoration made up of mixed and transgenerational objects. A mix of objects from the past selected for their timeless style with modern deco furniture creates a unique atmosphere. The patina and old world charm of vintage objects fuses with contemporary furniture, whose design is both modern and functional. This ethanol fireplace built into a coffee table makes the link between the generations sitting around the flames to share an evening by the fire.


Unique Design!


Bio & High Tech


Unique Coffee Table!



The ethanol fireplace becomes once more the heart of the home

Enjoy without moderation these new deco design objects that will make you rediscover the pleasure of owning traditional furniture without the constraints related to their use. The coffee table with built-in ethanol fireplace is the epitomy of a new concept that combines a common object (the coffee table) with modern functionality (the ventless bio ethanol fireplace). The ethanol fireplace once again becomes the center of the house to spend pleasant moments with loved ones. All of this, simply by pressing the button of a remote control and without the nuisance of a traditional fireplace (smoke, soot, igniting and putting out the fire, cleaning, etc.).

As the star of your living room, the coffee table with built-in ethanol fireplace will create a vibrant and ultra-friendly atmosphere with a magical bio fire!

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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